Oxytocin + Propaganda: Promotes Acceptance of Refugees, Stimulates Appetite For Financial Risk

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‘Given the right circumstances, oxytocin may help promote the acceptance and integration of migrants into Western cultures.’

Among the 2017 onslaught of news related to Charlottesville and the removal of monuments were lesser-noticed but interesting articles about a study (good link) involving oxytocin and its ability to “reduce the effects of xenophobia by facilitating pro-social behavior toward refugees.”

In other words, a study published by the National Academy of Scientists (PNAS) suggested that increased oxytocin levels can potentially turn border-loving nationalists into generous, migrant-hugging globalists.

Oxytocin (not to be confused with OxyContin/oxycodone) has been dubbed the “love and trust hormone.” This hormone is produced by the brain and plays a role in stimulating social bonding, mating, sexual reproduction and maternal instincts. Since its identification in 1952, scientists have been studying oxytocin’s usefulness as a tool to manipulate social behavior.

The 2017 study, a collaborative effort between U.S. and German universities, involved 183 white students, who were given 50 euros that they could either donate to needy refugees or to needy locals for food or entertainment. Predictably, the majority of students said they would donate the funds to locals.

Then a non-placebo group was given an inhaled dose of oxytocin and asked the same questions. Generosity to outsiders did not increase among those students who were identified as having negative views toward refugees at the outset. The researchers then subjected this same drugged group to peer pressure to donate their funds, and they did — 74% more.

Not noted but significant: The chart above shows the placebo (not-drugged) group that exhibited anti-refugee sentiment at the outset became even LESS generous when subjected to peer pressure.

The study concluded that the “combined enhancement of oxytocin and peer influence” was able to diminish “selfish motives.”

Researcher Rene Hurlemann, a professor at University of Bonn department of psychiatry, stated: “Given the right circumstances, oxytocin may help promote the acceptance and integration of migrants into western cultures.”


The “scientists” are the sole arbiters of the meaning of the word “selfish” and, moreover, the experts on acceptable morality — particularly when it is only applied to white males. This implies that they’re inherently evil.

Oxytocin, the “accept it all” and “get looted” drug.

A similar study published by PNAS — one that at least acknowledges the positive aspects of ethnocentrism — concluded that self-administered oxytocin “creates intergroup bias because oxytocin motivates in-group favoritism and, to a lesser extent, out-group derogation. These findings call into question the view of oxytocin as an indiscriminate ‘love drug’ or ‘cuddle chemical’ and suggest that oxytocin has a role in the emergence of intergroup conflict and violence.” However, it appears this study did not employ peer pressure to influence drugged subjects’ decision making.

A third and final notable study on oxytocin applies to “neuroeconomics.”

A hormone called oxytocin also may increase trust in financial exchanges. In the trust game, an investor decides how much money to give to an investment banker. Investors who took a sniff of oxytocin, which is involved in lactation and birth, invested more money than did other investors. However, oxytocin did not affect investor decisions when a random mechanism, rather than a person, determined their return.

Imaging research suggests that oxytocin reduces people’s fear of betrayal. After learning that their trust had been violated in repeated games, investors decreased their investments, and their brains showed increased activity in regions involved in fear (amygdala and midbrain) and arousal (insula and postcentral gyrus). However, those who sniffed the oxytocin spray did not change their investments and did not show brain activity changes.

This confirms the findings of the first study, which showed that administration of oxytocin — especially when coupled with human persuasion — generated greater levels of “altruistic generosity” and high levels of risk tolerance in financial decisions. In other words, people under the influence of oxytocin are easier targets to loot.

So all in all, oxytocin sounds like a promising opiate for the masses to suppress nationalism and promote globo-homo agendas, provided that all of the institutions from which we derive information are on board with the program. (No, I’m not wearing a tinfoil hat.)

For decades, the government and pharma industry has been researching new and better psychotropic drugs to evoke euphoria and passivity among the sheeple; from over-prescribing anti-depressants to legalizing marijuana and polluting our water with fluoride and other chemicals. In recent years, the FDA approved large-scale research studies using the recreational street drug ecstasy  (MDMA) as a treatment for depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

We don’t even know what’s being spraying in the air, which makes the administration of oxytocin as an inhalant particularly disturbing. Indeed, is the use of these chemicals already influencing targeted people to fold their tents?

By the way, in case you haven’t heard the word — and apparently Mitch McConnell hasn’t — chemtrails are no longer just some conspiracy theory – see final video.

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      • And a HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND ALL, I think 2021 is the “JUST GET THROUGH” Year….Kind of an Options “Max Pain” kinda period. Or for those that don’t do that , Its a point when you have just had enough with a person place or thing before you jump and do something foolish…

        These fools will not be able to do Gods work for much longer, whoda thunk Gates wasn’t gonna come off as creepy to every fertile woman on the planet…And likely post fertile as well…Hell, lets add a good portion of the gay male population..The guy is creepy.

        Most people ARE AS smart as they decide to be when in a content state ,as most of the West has been.
        Not being a combat vet, but a vet that knows some, they all tell me that after the first few guys go down, everybody pays attention right quick and drops into hyper learning mode, and what better time than after Dec 21st and that 12 and 29 year geometry that has us in an AIR SIGN from an EARTH SIGN

        Now I must add, that the combat vet analogy needs some modification here, since a good portion of the population, but mind you , not a necessary portion of the population, are still awaiting the “ALL CLEAR” from the “experts” who will find a cure, and if only everyone masked up it would be sooner than later.

        But there is hope for 2021 if you can JUST GET THROUGH

        The harder these guys press, the quicker people start to gain even more resolve and This whole thing looks too rushed, maybe the markets just got too vulnerable too quickly and the Trump script had to change, maybe Trump was supposed to hold the financial markets together for just another 4 years but that REPO thingy back in Q4 2019 keeps telling me that bank liquidity and geopolitics had a “Come to Jesus moment”

        AND When we get through this, I want to personally petition a campaign to get Jenny McCartney a Congressional Medal of Freedom, You know, the Ex Playmate that married that guy whose jokes would tire…You see, her work on Anti Vax may be looked at as a galvanizing catalyst .to the Creepy Bill Gates miss-step since it hit the resonance of Motherhood. Congrats to her!

        And to everybody else, JUST GET THROUGH


        • My friend, great post that I basically concur with.

          The threshold for tolerating viewing the circus, is beginning to find a closure and pretty soon populations in the world will begin to move on. It would seem that the 1% of the 1% overstuffed the clown car, and it is now about to run out of fuel.

          Can’t wait until the James Bond villain gets his press, following Davos. Talk about the white supremacy / white privilege thing. “I am grand-daddy Blofeld and you will all do as I say, or I will use a laser!” Yeah, I am sure that will all go over swimmingly. As for Gates (or as he likes to be called “Trey”), the pear-shaped, soy eating, freak has no right to tell a single soul his ideas on health. First, build some muscle, then come and talk to us all. My (humble) perspective: man-up or shut-up, the choice is his.

          As for the markets, they are so overdue for a correction and basically exhausted that there is no joy in even watching the Titanic sail away from the port anymore; we already know how this all ends. There is some flex I think in metals and some of the new Chinese deals with South America to buy ag. could provide for interesting shorts down the road. That one, PDJT can sort of own, although I do not exactly hold all of it against him. If corporate farming and Monsanto take it on the chin, I will not cry in my coffee.

          Even sadder is the alleged Conjob-19 rescue package that will permit our pathetic airline industry to buy back shares, without hiring a furloughed soul back. The whole transportation sector in the United States is just ridiculous at this stage. Oh well, I do not think PDJT was the guy who could hold it all together (remember the issue with the bonds on his casinos – not really his strength). He just put a face to the pump-and-dump scheme, with the dump coming soon.

          I hate to say it, but I think Jimmy Rogers has been right for the last decade. Not on China (as they are as bankrupt as we are, and if they keep up the military expansion, we may see a USSR type meltdown — I think he has 1980s “the Japanese are coming! the Japanese are coming!” syndrome), but rather on the whole “buy a farm, grow your own food, learn to sew, compost, yada, yada, yada…” sort of thing.

          Basically, I simply agree with you on all points, except I would (very humbly) offer up one thing:

          Ms. McCarthy is now married to a New Kid on the Block performer or whatever they are. She and the comedian parted ways a while back. To my knowledge, he still supports her anti-vax position (which I agree with and think she should get that medal — nice touch BGNZ!), but seems to be slowly losing his Canadian mind since doing that Andy Kaufman flick.

          Please be well!

          All my best,

  1. Each of the vaccines obviously has a different function and probably variants within the brand as we hear of some AstraZeneca produced in India and some in China etc. they’re definite going to be experimenting with this one and no no tinfoil hat 🙂

    Otherwise it’s truly best to grab your women and keep them in if possible and if not then just be nice to them and wave even if they’re chatting to a Pakistani. Get to know your Muslim neighbors. We’re all in this together and at least they can fight big brother cuz skinnymacbeardy can’t haha and maybe they’ll make a gene to grow a spine and stop whining, that will be better

    • It was very interesting to me that the Pentagon gave permission for the troops to skip the vaccination. Makes me wonder if they realize that the “fix” could be in with regard to the Chinese production. Hate to think like this, but it does make me wonder since they often use the troops as guinea pigs.

      Happy New Year!

  2. Three quick points:

    1. Happy New Year to all!

    2. Mr. Winter: Great meme (VERY, VERY FUNNY) and thanks for posting the video of Ms. Fitts! There are two videos in total; however, the one you posted is the one with the excellent analysis.

    Still, I do encourage the second (shorter) video for everyone as well since she speaks of faith and there are some really beautiful images of Holland (made me think that I should put Holland on the list of places to consider visiting / residing in the future)


    3. Torchy: Yet another excellent thread; thank you!

    Two nights ago, I was floating between watching the videos on Ms. Fitts, the other documentary videos (Ms. Popper was very interesting as well, so was the Swiss gentleman.) and looking at Mr. Lew Rockwell’s website. Mr. Sardi, a frequent contributor, sought to provide a 2020 wrap up thread with an appeal to support LRC (lewrockwell.com). In his wrap up was the following information, which I believe could be a bookend to Torchy’s fine work here:


    “Death to religion via genetic engineering

    We are also learning today at LRC.com that the Pentagon may be involved in a covert agenda to genetically eliminate a predilection for religious behavior by alteration of the VMAT2 “god” gene.

    The video that shows this has been brought into question. It may have been produced and leaked to warn the public. But the science is real as evidenced in the book THE GOD GENE: HOW FAITH IS HARDWIRED INTO OUR GENES by Dean Hamer. The implantation of a virus could immunize against the VMAT2 gene to turn “religious fanatics” into “normal people”.

    Under the guise of research intended to prevent brain disorders or drug dependencies, VMAT2 gene research has proceeded. Now just how to produce antibodies against the VMAT gene protein to “de-religionize” people in a covert vaccination program. (Fortunately the red wine molecule resveratrol may reverse this genetic manipulation.)

    You naively may not realize the first round of vaccines, 4 of the first seven which are predicted to fail, may initially be reported as safe, then the vaccine altered to achieve other political agendas, even population control. How can mandatory vaccination be enforced for vaccines predicted to fail? America has become an evil place.”



    Now I am not soliciting for Mr. Rockwell’s website. With disclosure in mind, I do not know the man (we once said “hello” to one another on the Capitol Crescent Trail, while traveling in opposite directions, and I never introduced myself — that was it); however, I have supported his work (once in a while) monetarily because I enjoy the website. Still, he never solicits anyone (Mr. Sardi did, but Mr. Rockwell does not) and the website is free to anyone who wishes to read it (there are no comments sections).

    My feeling was that the passage from Mr. Sardi’s thread and the thread here, by Torchy, had an interesting correlation of sorts.

    Although I could add a video by the late (great) comedian, researcher, and author Mr. Dick Gregory, which details how the Pentagon had been working on an aerosol for turning folks into homosexuals (they evidently wished to utilize a highly estrogenized spray on people attending major sports events — NFL type of events; I am not sure they ever used it) . I decided not to do so, as I had already linked it on another WW thread.

    If you are interested in that conversation, I would recommend going to YouTube as it should still be up there (it is an interview that took place 3-4 years before his transition).

    • We have no problem with sharing good work. That’s what it’s all about. Have to hand it to Ms. Fitts. I admire her ability to articulate the issues so clearly and concisely.

      Happy New Year to you, too!

  3. A little off topic for this thread, but I just ran into this one and found it funny, so I though I could share it.

    Plus, I have always contended that Barry’s real father was a Fibee snitch just like the Rev. Al (when he was super fat and had much better hair), and this idea does tie into the excellent thread by Mr. Winter about who Barry’s real father was (I suspect that “Downtown Reggie Love” is just another guy that Barry liked to call “daddy” for other reasons. = ).

    Now I do not follow Ms. Coulter’s work much at all; however, this one was very funny:


  4. Huge kudos on this post!

    There are just so many “significant synchronicities” and cohencidences!




    Anyone who doesn’t acknowledge the JQ is a shill and a liar. Considering that every single notable early vaccine developer was Jewish has to be acknowledged:
    Jonas Salk – (polio)
    Albert Sabin – (polio)
    Hilary Kaprowski – (polio)
    Stanley Plotkin – (MMR)

    But it appears that there isn’t any one specific area that these “Black Magicians ” would confine themselves to. Who could forget the pharmacology research of the “Black Sorcerer” Sidney Gottlieb?


  5. I wonder if oxytocin will make us able to stomach grown refugees exiting the men’s room with their zippers down while shouting obnoxiously to his peers. This happened at an airport. America is collapsing and we need to pray.

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