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A Who’s-Who List of Anti-White Jewish ‘Pseudo-Intellectual’ Quackery


If I didn’t know any better, I’d think this was an organized conspiracy. Although they don’t hold a complete monopoly on two faced racial agit-prop, Jewish pseudo-intellectuals are a noticeable presence. And unlike “privileged whites,” pseudo-intellectuals are constantly handed the megaphone to make absurd assertions. The following is just a representative list. There are many more.  #EverySingleTime #Getarealjob.

“Fellow white people” is a widespread read-off-a-script scam that Jewish anti-white activists are running with all over on social media. They use this to promote their guilt shaming agenda and narcissistic high-horse preaching. It’s easy to identify them on social media, as their neurotic supremacist tendencies brings out pontificating that usually reveals their ethnicity.

Hat tip to “Fellow White Person” @FellowWhites. Of course ultimately he was banned from Twitter. Thankfully we salvaged his work beforehand.

Winter Watch Advisory: Absolutely do not harass or even communicate with these individuals. It’s exactly what they want, and it will backfire. Don’t be juvenile like Daily Stormer. Don’t even get drawn into their pilpuling. – The Use of Jewish Pilpul to Cloud and Obscure Issues and Discussions.  Ignore them, and instead use your energies to spread awareness far and wide among the sleeping pajama people.

A Twitterstorm on Jewish Advocates for Migration, Multiculturalism and White Guilt

Zionist neocon talking head and pseudo-intellectual Bill Kristol proposing replacement of white working class with south of the border immigrants. Notice as he’s discussing the complacency, laziness and fetid nature of the white working class, the buttons of his shirt are about to explode.

A little Wikipedia while you weren’t looking touch up of Jeffrey Epstein

Chosenite supremacist sing along “I’m Not White, I’m Jewish.”

58 Comments on A Who’s-Who List of Anti-White Jewish ‘Pseudo-Intellectual’ Quackery

  1. You guys left off all the pundits on CNN and MSNBC. I cringe every time they bring on their <<>>. Any thoughts on Palestine being recognized by Interpol? Apparently Bibi is furious.

  2. This is utter horseshit. Jews are not a race, they are a religion of Satan worshippers of the Banylonian Talmud of orthodox Judaism. Race is a Jewish construct designed to keep non-Jews perpetually confused and at war with those of different ethnicities. Enthnicity means nothing. What means everything is the nature of a man’s character: is he honest and selfless, or dishonest and selfish? All Jews are the latter.

      • The rogue terrorist state of fake Israel means nothing. Man can create endless laws and rules to deceive. And he has.

        The word “Jew” has been so hideously twisted and abused that it now means the exact opposite of what most people are deceived into thinking it does. Talmudic Judaism is Satan worship in disguise and those claiming to be Jews are Khazar impostors who are not the least bit Hebrew, of spiritiual Israel, Semite or Jewish. They are the synagogue of Satan, aka the Antichrist of these end times. Anyone who does not yet grasp this truth belongs to the Antichrist Jews and the devil they serve.

      • It is not Judaism that these devils follow it is Talmudism the religion of man and Magic..where racism supremacy cheating lying stealing killing and raping all non JUs is allowed…says a lot about their psychotic mind set!

    • Jews are not a race?
      So what’s thay-Sachs?
      And the myriad of other Jewish genetics disorders

      Let alone the rest of this Trump bullshit

      What has WinterWatch dragged in?

      • I know. They’d rather screw up America and Europe. They’re too stupid to see the correlation between the increase in the numbers of Muslims in these countries, to the rise in anti-semitism in these countries.

        • No they’re not. They’re far too smart not to recognize European nationalism as a much more serious threat than any popular Muslim anti-Semitism. At the organizational level, Jewish and Islamic interests are aligned in the West (as they have been consistently throughout pre-Zionist history).

          The spectacular terror events in the West, facilely attributed to ISIS, Al-Quaeda, or “radical Islam”, are orchestrated by the State security apparatus. The natives need to be monitored and repressed; were it not for the Muslim-terror-narrative, Patriot Act-style laws perhaps would never get passed.

          • Don’t be surprised when the Jews are pushed out of Europe because of the rampant anti-semitic actions of the Muslims. Take off your tin foil hat, the Europeans aren’t bombing themselves. The attackers are always discovered to be recent immigrant Muslims. How is European nationalism a threat to Jews? If Jews are so concerned about the Muslim immigrants, why haven’t they been forced to take in Syrian, Afghani, and African Muslims?

            • That’s begging the question. The government security apparatus and media are under Jewish control, and the Muslims are good patsies to fool the goyim. Have a wonder round this site and see the ridiculous fairy stories that the government and media push as news. There are real (((false flags))) like 7/7 and 9/11 but many of the reported events look to be hoaxes.

              And here’s a good article on the counter-intuitive reason why Jews welcome Muslim immigration (outside of their own country):

          • Talmudic Jews are driving Eurpoean cultural destruction through multiculturalism. They control the west’s State security apparatus. In fact, they control just about everything today. Or so they mistakenly think. God knows differently. Soon, He will pounce and they will be toast.

            • They thought they controlled everything, until Trump got elected. Now they’re throwing a hissy fit by having their minions (ANTIFA, BLM etc) march and cause destruction throughout the US.

              • God controls everything, including the Jewish global elite psychopaths and pedophiles. Every thought, person and circumstance that comes into each of our lives from birth to death finds its first cause in YHWH (God). Everything is scripted and predestinated. Including all the bad stuff. The Bible says just this, but almost no oner bothers to read it anymore.

                Trump was part of the plan of the elites all along. He still is. He’s acting out an acting role and script he has been given to perform. He’s a puppet and a foil against which the psychopaths of Congress and the demonic media hurl endless insults, seemingly attempting to undermine Trump at every turn, but in truth to divert your attention fromwhat’s really going on. He’s fully in on the con. Don’t kid yourself. You don’t become a billionnaire, beholden to Jewish money men, without first selling your soul to the devil. No exceptions. I would have thought everyone would have figured out this obvious truth by now.

                • THANK YOU! FINALLY! TRUTH–GOD IS IN CONTROL! And only GOD knows when ‘the end” will happen? Will building a 3rd temple for Sanhedrin and maybe the anti-Christ in Jerusalem bring about this end? ONLY GOD KNOWS! And if one doesn’t believe God created evil as well as good, then one hasn’t read Isaiah 45:7–“I form the light and create the darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.”

                  • Hey > ‘Watchman’ & ‘deborawhatever …
                    take your God fortune telling nonsense
                    and peddle it elsewhere. You ‘Christian’
                    tards and Christcuckinsantity types are
                    and have been the most useless and /
                    or the most detrimental to all the rest
                    of us who are race and culture aware.
                    I have seen and heard it all: “They’re
                    just more souls to love, come join our
                    congregation … Refugees welcome !
                    “They are human beings just like us … blah, blah. Vile, despicable blather.
                    I cast you out !!

                • I agree that Trump is a managed asset. That is why that prick Kushner was practically living in the Oval Office. Still Trump did more for average Americans that Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama.
                  As for Gods elect…..all the promises made to Abraham in Genesis 12, 15, 17, and 22 were fulfilled by Jesus Christ according to Galatians 3 and the entire book of Hebrews. The Rabbis are full of gas.

              • I wish you were right but a look into Trump reveals he is nothing more then just another Zio stooge..he owes Soros and the Rothschilds for bailing him out, he was mentored by notorious Kosher Nostra rump rider Roy Cohen ..ask yourself why would a Rabid queer JU like Roy Cohen “mentor” Trump if he was a gentile or why would all those Kosher Nostra satanists bail him out? Research it ..don’t be fooled again

                • Objective analysis indicates that even “controlled opposition” is still opposition for a time. The trick is not to get sucked into their definitions of opposition by compromising the message. Since Trump was elected the endless roil of fake shooting events have ceased and U.S. entanglements overseas have dropped off precipitously. The next administration will be different when Trump gets elected. I predict that the numbers of dual citizens in his cabinet will be strictly curtailed.

  3. While upper middle class Jews complain about white privilege, working class whites haven’t seen a raise in 40 years, their birth, home ownership, and marriage rages decline, and the suicide rate explodes. They are now the only group of people in an industrialized country that has a declining life expectancy.

  4. Jews have a vitriolic hatred of the White race and Western civilization. It’s very clear if you just read what Jews write and listen to what they say.

  5. Is Fellow White Michael Savage – actually anti-white in any way, shape, or form?
    What about David Horowitz? Hah! I answered your challenge, and found my TWO!


  6. Funny how ((AskeNAZIs)) “the other white meat” takes it upon their racist Talmudic selves to be MAGA MOUTH for SJWarriors of the brown and black persuasion. The same ((group)) who advocates for OPEN BORDERS everywhere BUT Israel, The same aholes that cry about anti semetism yet they murder torture and steal the property of the SEMETIC indigenous people of Palestine WHO ARE SEMITES. The same group who advocates for race mixing everywhere YET is expelling African Jews??? Jews were and still at the forefront of the slave trade white you name it they controlled it ..NOTHING we were taught..our edJUcation …was basically all Kosher lies

    • M Edward,

      Are we talking’ hanging them from lamp posts and watching the life leave their eyes ? Solve the jewish problem once and for all, get rid of the lot of them kinda thing ? If so, I’m in. Have been down with that for at least 25 years.

      Anything short of that I’ll be sharpening my pitchfork with a close eye/ear to the ground. Let me know when it’s really on, cuz I ain’t seeing this kinda will in the awake jew wise crowd, short of a handful of us.

      Yet…. I see no choice in the matter because they absolutely are going to genocide us off if we do not take them out first. And far as I can tell from the intel, they will have this massive genocide more or less wrapped up by 2025.

      And don’t forget, jewish baby rats turn into jewish adult rats. You do clearly understand this don’t you ?

      Take a guess what KOBK stands for ?

      • That statement is a no no here. Am I to now assume you are cointelpro or a planted troll of some sort. This does a lot to give NUO the flimsy excuse to take down this site. You are no friend dude.

        • You only take this much flak when you’re over the target. They forcibly imprisoned Ezra Pound in a lunatic asylum for his observations.

        • None of the above Mr. Winter. Just a really pissed off absolutely had enough, not gonna take it anymore goyim.

          Fair enough. I stand by what I said, but I’ll tone it down here in the future.

        • At what point do we stop talking and start acting

          If people are afraid to fedpost at this point I wonder how in the hell they’re going to be ready to fight what’s coming…

          The time is coming to shit or get off the pit to be frank

          And we are not voting our way out of it.
          So where to next

          More memes lulz analysis and discussion while our people are maimed raped and slaughtered with impunity ?

          • Ps no that doesn’t mean go out there and do something psychotic that takes innocent life or anything of the sort
            “No lamposting”

            But at what point are we going to stop analyzing
            Things are speeding up out there

      • @KOBK What kind of knuckle dragging moron are you?! Judaism is a very complicated thing, your comment is like saying you’d like to kill all europeans. The far right colonialist/banker class of Zionists are a tiny minority in the jewish world, they own the media, the globalist commercial world and on and on and do a terrible disservice to their fellow religious believers. There are giant swathes of Jewish society who abhor these evil people, who basically endanger their lives as ‘fellow jews’, tarred with the same brush and resented as ‘the same’ by pissed off fellow humans.

        You have ultra orthodox jews who don’t believe the state of Israel should exist, jewish families who have lived for generations alongside Christians, Muslims and others in Palestine who are now considered second class citizens in the recent state of Israel which is dominated by American and Russian immigrants, only some of whom are right wing zionists.

        Before and during the second world war wealthy merchant class jews emigrated to America, and other safe parts of the world, leaving the polish Ghetto classes and the simpler european middle class jewish folks to the national socialist goon squads. The far right Zionists then used their fate to justify their Israeli state, reparations and on and on.

        Like any other religion (Catholicism for example) terrible evil people will manipulate trust and belief systems to do appalling corrosive damage while enriching themselves but this doesn’t mean you should kill all Catholics, the vast majority of whom are an important foundational element of the Christian western society we live in.

        Evil people will use any blunt attack on them as judo expert does, they will take your energy and deflect it back on yourself and others around you.

        • nedlern,

          judaism is not a complicated thing at all, and it’s certainly not a religion. It’s a global crime syndicate.

          I suggest you are quite naive to think it’s just a tiny minority “zionist” bunch of criminals.

          I have way too much experience around jews for too many years of all walks of life to know better.

          At the end of the day, even the “lowest class” jew will side with his/her team over you. And since you obviously haven’t figured that one out from experience yet, I suggest you learn a lot more about judaism.

          • @KOBK Take people as they come. All sorts of people will ‘side with their team over everyone else. Indians in silicon valley are a good example.
            There is no question there are global crime syndicates, but you can’t lump everyone from a certain ethnicity or religion into that category. Are all Italians criminals because their mafia are catholics? In Israel a few ultra rich families run everything and gouge their fellow jews. All you do by being so crude in your perception is strengthen the minority of evil people’s positions.

            There are plenty of sketchy Italian low lifes and plenty of sketchy jews, but there are also plenty of decent people trying to improve those communities, the more we can do to help those people the better imo.

            • When I found out that Jewish claims concerning the Holocaust were greatly exaggerated and basically lies, my opinion of them as a group changed immensely. No other group of people lie and project the way that Jews do. A very sick bunch. And, their “chosen” by God rhetoric is the frosting on the cake. I would never trust a Jew. Watch your back.

              • Karen,

                exactly. They ALL push the holocaust lie and that really tells us a lot about them.

                ok, ok, it might only be 99.9999%. But with those kind of odds, why take the chance.

                I can live with the .0001% collateral damage in the jewish community at this point in history.

        • Yes so many Jews against and hurt by world Jewry it has rendered them all silent

          Please exit left to the alt lit

          Cernovich can help you from here

    • I’m sorry. A. Your correspondent begins his piece by telling readers to focus their energy on waking up the PJ people, which involves calm, nonjudgmental, informative discussions. He goes on to list a barrage of items that cause the page to hang and hang, which are designed to upset white men and make them beat their chests in bravado. We see how effective this this by the number of comments here. The war on humanity is kabbalistic using the fallen Kabbalah whereby Zionism represents the right hand pillar of the Temple, known as Joachim, and is the male pillar; and Boaz is the left, female pillar, inverted as communism. This is why half the Jews are communist and the other half Zionist, and neither pillar can function without the existence of the other so by encouraging white nationalism no matter what’s the circumstance you are feeding the commune beast. I believe communism is the system that was used in the ghettoes, then the physically and spiritually damaged Jews are let and burst out, charged to go forth with a burning desire to foist communism on the rest of the world. On the other side, deranged general nationalism is encouraged as an extension of the Zionism whipped up in the breasts of the Jews. They do it a lot here in Za with the Afrikaners getting them eye rolling mad over hundreds of farm murders, even less thank covid deaths. Yes it’s sucks for the farmers but all the pages on FB are run by the usuals and if a non-usual run page gets too big it’s shit down. Obviously the import of the Muslims into western countries is designed to encourage this distorted natioanism and then we have many many white identitarian shill types. I myself hacked into the Instagram account of one Brit who helped to guide the tommy Robinson fallout over to the Partriot Alternative. On insta he’s hanging out with his Vietnamese girlfriends and putting up pix of the communist flag. He is still at it … these anti Muslim shills are now stuck in a time warp. Apparently they are told to stick to their beat. But we have moved on and are already having our DNA modified (we are all related…) so whitey needs to suck it up and, like the author says at the get go, work constructively with jami Joe. Moreover, Muslims can be used constructively by men with brains, which is what women really love and anyone who has walked around Berlin in the last five years knows it’s not like it’s portrayed on social media by the shills. And anyway God is not going to let the whole races get bred out and that’s clear now. Yesterday too there was a piece upsetting men because the oxytocin of their women is being manipulated into welcoming the hordes. But are the boat people still at it? The reference to Singularly above, is about the middle pillar in dark Kaballah. In the good sense, by balancing ones male and female electromagnetically as they run through our minds, hearts and hara (genitalia), we atain understanding and wisdom and attain towards godhead (their lingo). This Singularly they are marketing is the inverse. After they sink humans low enough with left right ping pong, they are to hit rock bottom in the middle pillar. I don’t know too much about it but here in South Africa there’s another annual Singularly conference scheduled for 2021. I kind of don’t like to look into it too much but it’s advocating for AI and 4th industrial revolution and whatever is the latest there. I saw it’s run by some usuals and that they pegged the price at R16.66 to the dollar in anticipation of rand loss. Quite funny because the dollar is falling but is that their idea of a joke? More about Singularly, which is a big international franchise, I believe has to do with CERN and Geordie Rose’s quantum computers. If
      You haven’t looked into him, I recommend it and he speaks openly about bringing through the demonic realms. You see. Ms Fitts, to whom I was referring in the second part of my post above, in whose video there is a yellow Dutch clog on the windowsill and a half black half white background, knows, I believe, quite well the secret aims of all this, and it’s not just about hooking people up into cyborg mode and experimenting with DNA and slavery as we think of it. You see the high level top controllers are literal vampires who require the light of humans in order to survive. The reason they sacrifice is not for fun, it’s because they are toast is they can’t vamp us which makes them quite determined. Ultimately their goal is to vamp humanity at the source, which is the great unconscious (lunar) streams of godhead (ie in manifested reality) that flow through women at a rate 40% greater than men. Why bother with pesky torture to extract the soul force from animals and children, and this is what’s it’s really about esoesoterically or at least it’s another aspect that’s not often discussed but Jesus warns us not to fear that which kills the body but whose who can’t destroy your soul and he wasn’t talking about DNA manipulation but of techniques in use at the time. Anthony Patch gets into some of this stuff in his videos. Gyroscopes, Ms Fitts logo, I have simply seen before in other initiatives that’s seem to be similarly styled to her Lockdown piece. I stated that at the very end of the video, she says that if we want to know who the actual people are who are behind pillars of this program (military, pharma, central banks etc), then we need to buy her Currencies report from Q2 2020. If you go to her site, it seems you must become a member in order to access the reports. It’s not clear but I didn’t see a space to purchase a single report. She was running an offer that expired on Dec 31 whereby if you join you get a 1oz silver coin designed by one Ben Lizardi, Ben of course being a particular Jewish prefix. I don’t know but I have never heard the name Lizardi before and I feel it is rather unfortunate given that her book review on aliens is on the same page. Nonetheless, Solari is clearly targeting people with wealth and I am a poor African so I can’t afford to become a member.

    • Further to all that, I have finally hit on why the nationalist archetype is so confounding, because it is. I feel on the left, communist side that it’s quite easy to visualize a positive scenario, why a cohesive society needs to function with safety nets for widows, orphans and the disabled etc. And we know how nascent independent indigenous socialists like GB Shaw were infiltrated by Fabians. But I can’t visualize a healthy nationist side of things. This is because democracy is inherently divisive and we require cohesiveness under a king and good role models filling the other spaces, exactly the opposite of what we have now and all I have ever experienced. Also, in the USA the hideous dissociation that takes place on Memorial Day and all the Irreconcilable emotions … it’s a wonder men are coping as well as they are at this point. Thank you Mr Muller!

      • “ so by encouraging white nationalism no matter what’s the circumstance you are feeding the commune beast.”
        Get lost

        Here’s your vision of a healthy nationalist society that you can’t imagine

        What is with this shill invasion that’s being allowed to clog up the comment section?

        That’s what I’d like to know!

  7. That last graphic (with the pretty young lady in some form of Swiss or Scandinavian dress and the list to the right of her) is absolutely succinct and priceless.

    Although I have no idea of the source, I would encourage them to print posters of the entire image and sell them. Sign me up for at least two.

  8. I’m glad to see others noticed – they are doing it, it’s not your imagination.

    They are largely Sabbatean Jews, but it’s inconceivably larger than even the JQ. It is the Vatican, it is the Guelphs, the Ghibellines, those who would stop at nothing to remain un-named and unknown. Although the Zionists/Sabbateans/Frankists are enthusiastic participants there is something even more malevolent attacking this world.

    It’s anyone’s guess what is responsible for dumping millions of tons of plastics, pesticides, herbicides into the water. No matter how wealthy you become, becoming the master of a poisoned and unlivable world couldn’t benefit anyone with human physiology.

    • No it’s not

      It’s the Jews
      It’s always been the Jews

      The others are shabboth goy, their employees

      Take this train of thought to the alt-lite ok

  9. They have stolen the identity of the biblical Israelites.

    1 Samuel 17:42: 
    And when the Philistine looked about, and saw David, he disdained him: 
    for he was but a youth and ruddy and of a fair countenance.

    Christ was from King David’s lineage.

    Webster’s 1828 American Dictionary
    FAIR, adjective
    free from a dark hue; white; as a fair skin; a fair complexion.

    Just like David’s son Solomon.

    King David’s son Solomon:
    Solomon 5:10
    My beloved is white and ruddy the chiefest among ten thousand.

    John 15:18 – If the world hates you, understand that it hated Me first.

    John 15:20 – They have persecuted me, they will also persecute you.

    It’s because of who the whites are.

    Acts 17:29 – Therefore since we are God’s offspring.

    Amos 3:2 – Of all the families upon the earth only you have I known.

    That’s why they hate the white race, why they persecute the white race,
    they are pretending to be God’s family when in they are Rev 2:9, 3:9,
    John 8:44, Matthew 13:36-40

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