The Tell-Tale Patterns Seen in Color Revolutions


Color revolutions center around large mass demonstrations.

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The first phase is the confrontation. It takes place relatively peacefully. The authorities are simply concerned about the huge number of people in the city center. Such a mass of people need to eat, sleep and go to the toilet. There are not enough toilets for all the protesters, and the protest area acquires the smell of human feces and urine.

To establish minimum order, the authorities send ordinary, lightly armed police to the scene. But the presence of law enforcement officials is also used to amplify protest sentiments among the crowd. Suddenly, there is a call for the construction of barricades and the seizure of government buildings.

The second phase of the confrontation is more active and involves slugging it out with the authorities. By this time, the authorities are simply obliged to respond to what is happening. The city center is paralyzed by barricades, buildings are seized and there is the obligatory window smashing and looting.

This, in turn, requires the authorities to employ special forces, or riot police. But what can the riot police do when there are several hundred thousand protesters? Within two or three days, riot police are falling down from exhaustion and lack of sleep.

In parallel with the confrontation, another phase is underway: exhortation. At this time, representatives of the “peace-loving world community” begin to actively communicate with the president of the country.

A qualitative replacement of the protesters takes place: tough, severe, older men familiar with the tactics of street fighting. These are usually not locals, but come in from outside. Every effort is made to provoke riot police to violent retaliatory actions. But the riot police are not easily provoked.

Next, mysterious snipers appear on the scene. The first mentions of mysterious snipers appeared in 1991 in the confrontation in Vilnius, Lithuania, at the TV tower. The snipers shot peaceful demonstrators. Vilnius authorities filed charges against the Soviet Army and the CPSU. Several people from the military and party workers were sentenced to long prison terms. The collapse of the Soviet Union began with this sniper fire in Vilnius. And the new authorities in Vilnius have long been silent about the fact that the demonstrators were killed with the latest Mauser rifles, which were not in service with the army and special services.

In 2010, in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, mysterious snipers shot 80 people from city roofs. No sniper was found or captured. The acting president was overthrown as a bloody tyrant.

The bloodshed and civil war in Syria began with sniper shots in the city of Ham. Sixty-seven peaceful demonstrators were killed by unknown snipers.

In Yemen 2011 — during a peaceful demonstration — 17 demonstrators were killed by sniper fire. The dead were attributed to the government’s own secret services, and a coup brought down the government.

In Tunisia in 2011, 24 protestors were killed by sniper fire. In the course of further unrest, the president and the government fled.

In 2013, events in Libya began with shootings during a peaceful demonstration in Benghazi. Large number of injuries were reported in the stomach and groin. Snipers attributed to the guardsmen of Gaddafi. The uprising erupted and Gaddafi was overthrown.

In 2013, Cairo snipers shot pro-Morsi supporters. 140 people were killed and more than a thousand injured. The casualties received shots to the head.

Video of snipers in action in Cairo.

Mysterious snipers appear on the streets of Kiev in 2014. Special forces are shot in the left eye. Subsequent hysteria in the media follows with calls to bring the regime to justice.

The term “bloody regime” is heard with all these events..

Par for the course, the Kiev snipers remain unknown. The issue of the nationality of snipers remains unsolved. The actions are blamed on the targeted regime, but we are calling them false flags.

13 Comments on The Tell-Tale Patterns Seen in Color Revolutions

  1. Maybe the US runs under a different script:

    1. Repo Market blows in 2019. Result-Orchestrated Crash engaged

    2. Create nationalistic hysteria with Chinese Virus. Result- Deflect from real issue, the Ponzi

    3. Have Riots and sew civil degradation and add a presidential debate to season.Result -The perception of Societal Chaos and dysfunction,

    4. Suffocate economy so as to reset…1929 Crashed but 1932 was the depression. Result-Non essentials to the boxcars

    5. Get historians to re-interpret to your narrative and publish in hollowed halls

    • I subscribe to the globalist empire concept – the entire planet was deeply affected when the US repo Market seized up in late 2019, because the reserve currency is the US dollar and the petro dollar underpins that fiat currency. Vast amounts of $$ capital is parked offshore by the elites and corporations,

      This is arguably the WEF digital reset to fix this – bio security and big pharma (which relies heavily on oil to manufacture their drugs) will create the pharmaDollar, keeping monetary control in the usual hands. The repro market ponzi fiasco will be erased by central banks and the new normal goal will be surveillance capitalism that transcends old concepts of national borders even more than now…

  2. Seems to be no shortage of useful idiots this time around. The welfare state guarantees plenty of jobless malcontented ingrates easily manipulated by the media and Soros’s money. The sniping will of course be blamed on white supremacists, who we all know from TV reports march according to Trumps secret signals. I don’t believe the globalist path to total control is set in stone. They bob and weave as events unfold. Mass starvation, a big war, or both are distinct possibilities. Most all of us are pawns on their tessellated global game board. Keep praying but keep your powder dry and weapons clean.

  3. Govts know that forty percent youth unemployment leads to riots. Lockdown produced near one hundred per cent with aggravation on top. So it was deliberate. Now who would want to cause country wide rioting?

  4. As long as the gloves are coming off, there are approximately 3-5k people in a country of 330 million that are holding the positions of power which have orchestrated the Covid scamdemic, allowed BLM and their Aunt Tifa to wreak havoc. These are also the lackeys and functionaries of the Deep State-the MIC-the Kingdom of Lucifer.

    We are days away from finding out if ordinary Americans are worthy of the legacy of the founding fathers.

    • Days away? I dunno bout that, but eventually we’ll all find out… Trust us, within the Gadsden Purchase… we’re worthy, at least of dying to prove so. What else does anyone else have? Don’t tread on us! What is better than dying for the truth? Dying of old age? What kinda dolt believes such lies? The truth sets you free- and nobody gets out alive. Only the vain wanna live long.

  5. Thomas, you write: “the demonstrators were killed with the latest Mauser rifles, which
    were not in service with the army and special services.” What are you trying to say ?!
    That it’s the “Nazis” ?!! Man, the Germans just can’t catch a break. If it’s not them,
    it’s their weapons. They need to hire a good jewish PR firm. As far as the potential
    here – I’m afraid that for every good ol boy posting on youtube, there are likely many
    many more who are ready to fire, and many of those who can’t wait. And they have
    friends. I know what I was like in my 20s and 30s, and though nothing like this was
    around back then, I would have been primed. Can’t be good for somebody that’s
    for sure. Who exactly will come out worse, I guess we’ll find out

    • I was stumped by that sentence also, especially because Sturmgewehr 44s are still being used in Syria today… What, pray tell, are the “latest mauser rifles”, and explain how modern methods of forensic ballistics can determine such a claim without the murder weapon. Clue: they can’t.

      • Gadsen Gas
        Uh, yes they can…
        If a weapon has a particular type of rifling and has a certain # of lands/grooves (OR even NO lands/grooves at all) and has a certain number of twists of the rifling per inch, ALL of that data can be gleaned from just a fired projectile and that can be used to ascertain the make of the weapon that fired it.
        You need to learn a little bit more about guns before making such a statement.
        The latest Mauser rifles are sniper-grade weapons, which OFTEN are hand-built and have special features that the standard line of weapon may/do not have.

        Also, the ref to “Mauser” has nothing to do with Nazis… Mauser is STILL a global manufacturer of well respected/quality firearms and they are often the go-to when countries purchase weapons for their militaries, especially the high quality made sniper types

        • “If a weapon has a particular type of rifling and has a certain # of lands/grooves (OR even NO lands/grooves at all) and has a certain number of twists of the rifling per inch, ALL of that data can be gleaned from just a fired projectile and that can be used to ascertain the make of the weapon that fired it.”

          Every bit of this statement is incorrect. It takes an immense amount of narcissism to demand someone else ‘learn a little bit more about guns before making such a statement’, when you yourself make such false statements.

        • You have described the outer shell of a color revolution, the part designed to go up on the Boomer Box and Fagbook. The heart of the revolution is going on behind the electronic curtain: targeted assasanations, blackmail, threats, mass bribery, intimidation of all kinds, etc.

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