Test scores drop, disqualification rates rise at Army recruiting shops

Army Times |  Sept. 15, 2022

The Army’s second-in-command for all things training said Thursday that the service saw a 10% drop in aptitude test scores during the pandemic, and that dipped further to 13% this year. Other Army data showed that up to 70% of potential recruits interested in Army service are disqualified in the first 48 hours due to obesity, low test scores or drug use.

Previously, that disqualification rate was between 30-40%.

The challenges are big — more of the recruits can’t meet weight standards or academic standards, more are using illegal drugs or military-banned substances such as cannabis, and few know much about the Army. And what they do know isn’t flattering.

The Army will not meet its end strength goal for this fiscal year, which ends this month.


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