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Winter Watch’s Guide to the Faux Election

Major clues will arrive early Tuesday evening on election night. Two states stand front and center: North Carolina and Florida, which close voting at 7:30 p.m. EST. Both states will immediately report the already counted mail-in and early ballot box tally at that hour. Without winning those states, a Trump win is highly unlikely.

Nationally to date, voters have cast 68.2% of the total votes counted in the 2016 general election. In 2016, 40% of the vote was cast early.

However, there is fog surrounding mail-in ballots that have yet to be returned. As of Sunday, there are 31,958,869 outstanding mail-in ballots that have not been entered as “returned” by election officials.

There are many unknowns and potential for dispute with the outstanding mail ballots:

  • Some mail ballots are in transit.
  • Some states continue to accept mail ballots well beyond Election Day, if postmarked by Nov. 3.
  • Some ballots are at election offices but have not been entered into databases.
  • It’s unclear how election officials manage data for voters who requested a mail-in ballot but chose to cast their vote in person instead.

Still, voters have voted early by mail or at voting centers at an astonishing rate of 95% in North Carolina and 90.8% in Florida versus 2016 final vote. More than three quarters of Florida’s mail-in votes were cast early as of Sunday, compared to 40% in 2016. So these are high turnouts of mostly Democrat voters, which to my eye signals voting skulduggery and illegal aliens voting, as reported by Project Veritas.

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Of the requested but not-yet-received ballots, the solid majority are Democrats. Getting these counted through a ground game or ballot harvesting will be the key to a Biden win, which is also the basis for disputes and challenges sure to come.

The optics of the early return will point to a blue wave Democrat victory in Florida because of the demographics of mail-in ballots and the fact they will be reported right away.

However, as the evening goes on, the in-person Florida voting is gradually reported. The big Biden lead will be closed, which will be World Wide Wrestling optics for all who care about the outcome. The talking heads on the networks might use Biden’s early lead to promote a bandwagon effect. Then, when it switches to Election Week, the bubbles of the crybabies will burst. Then come the protests and color revolution set ups.

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The national pollsters are calling Florida to be close, also indicating the prospects for post-election chaos and disputes.

North Carolina reports early votes right away. Here, it points to a very close outcome, which is supported by the polls. But it doesn’t look like the Democrat early vote ground game was as strong in North Carolina as it was in Florida. Also, North Carolina had a very high in-person vote. Therefore, the 7:30 p.m. report may reflect the actual outcome in this state and give a real clue on the national election, if one candidate has a lead. More likely is that North Carolina will be too close to call until all ballots are counted.

North Carolina

Pennsylvania will be reporting votes for days, as votes are counted on Election Day only. The same is true for the battleground states of Michigan and Wisconsin. So 8 p.m., the voting close won’t tell much. The Democrats have mounted a very successful early mail-in ballot campaign.

But there are also a large number of ballots requested that have not been returned. This opens the way to all manner of dispute and shit storms.


Pollster mucky muck Nate Silver has a caveat after weeks of confidently proclaiming a Biden win: Pennsylvania. Nationally, Silver gives Trump a 10% chance of winning compared to 15% in 2016.

“Pennsylvania has not bumped up to a 7- or 8-point Biden lead like we see in Michigan and Wisconsin. It’s 5 points,” Silver told ABC’s “This Week” (sporting a new ‘battle beard’) adding that if Trump were to win, “it would come down to Pennsylvania.”

Silver then sets the expectation for an unfair vote, sayingAmong the votes that were sent in by mail, there are some provisions about a naked ballot, a security envelope. That could make things more complicated. You could have the courts involved.

Meanwhile, Trump drew massive crowds across Pennsylvania. In Butler County, tens of thousands of supporters turned out in what the Epoch Times described as “a scene more reminiscent of a rock concert than a political event.”

On the subject of polls, there is ample evidence that Trump voters are less likely to reveal their intent given the doxing and intimidation by leftist and struggle-session Marxists in the land. We can assume that the polls in Pennsylvania are closer than a 4% to 5% Biden lead.

Weather conditions nationwide are pleasant, favoring a Republican polling booth turn out. Trump has enough momentum down the wire to make it interesting and Election Month contestable.

Ohio has more than 3 million requested mail-in ballots not received and another roughly 3 million received. Ohio is a dead heat and promises to be a shitstorm. Ballots that are postmarked by Nov. 2 and arrive at the board of elections by Nov. 13 will be counted in the final vote tally. Boards of elections can begin tallying the official canvass on Nov. 14, and final official results and reports are due to the Ohio Secretary of State no later than 2 p.m. on Nov. 24.

An automatic Ohio recount for votes for president would be triggered “when the difference between votes cast for the declared winning nominee, candidate, question, or issue and the declared defeated nominee, candidate, question, or issue is equal to or less than one-fourth of one percent (0.25%) of the total votes cast in the race or issue.”

Texas is another state that some think may be leaning to Biden because of extremely high early voter turnout — a 108% of the 2016 total. However, when the details are examined, it turns out Texas had a huge in-person polling booth early turnout of 8,745,565 that would favor Republicans. There were only 973,083 mail-in ballots. The polls are tight. Trump needs this state to win.


12 Comments on Winter Watch’s Guide to the Faux Election

  1. Seems like we will be waiting for the crop report on frozen concentrated orange juice. Now it will all depend if Winthorpe and Valentine picked the right side of the trade. As with the end of the film, the closing bell could lead to mass chaos and blood in the streets (not really hoping for this outcome in the literal sense, using it more as a financial term here).

    Still guessing that the following scenario becomes the end result:

    1. Trump wins either the electoral again, or both this time, but Uncle Joe is given respectable numbers so as not to lose face.

    2. Chaos ensues, court battles, protests, violence and destruction in several areas of the nation.

    3. A couple to a few months go by and it is looking like a final victory for Trump will be declared in the court system, but chaos continues.

    4. Trump decides that it would be best if he “goes out winning”, and for “the good of the nation” resigns.

    5. While all this is occurring, the U.S. (general population) is basically ignoring Davos and the “Reset” (I refuse to call it “Great”); however, there will be citizens like Gates or some other chuckle heads there who will be issuing insults toward the whole electoral process in the United States and offering draconian evolution ideas for “fixing” all of America’s problems.

    6. So Trump leaves…and goes offshore for a time (I am thinking Panama; I think the “new” issues there — tax and payroll related — are a cover); then he works on the grand plan to become the next Rupert Murdoch, since Fox will continue to change due to the Mouse House ownership.

    New books, new hats, maybe a new board game…who knows? It will be a merchandising event and more cheap product will be dumped all over the entertainment markets. Maybe a name on a new hotel or condo building, maybe lots of names and licensing. Remember he will stress that he left “winning”.

    7. Now we get President Mumbles or as I like to call it President Ford part deux, except his affliction is not falling over, but rather the mumbling.

    As a deep insider, the uniparty will be thrilled to have Mumbles show up with his big boy pants for the big chair; they may even state that adults have re-entered the White House or some such idea.

    He will give everyone, everything they want. All the legislation that was created on K Street for Hillary to push through in 2016, will get new life. Lobbyists and attorneys will be back in full swing. Nonprofits will more than likely sing “Yub Nub” like at the end of Return of the Jedi and gyrate their furry bodies in joyous ways.

    Davos will be delighted, and Mumbles will get to visit in the summer or autumn of 21′.

    8. Mumbles will clear Trump of any legal entanglements (like I said Ford part deux). The Trump family will take a breather to launch the media conglomerate and then the boys will begin political careers of some sort with eyes on Congress. My guess, Junior aims for the Senate, while the translucent one shoots for the House.

    Ivanka’s political aspirations may be floated, but I think they are dead in the water and that is why she is not nearly as pubic as she was early on in the administration. Who knows they may groom Baron for POTUS in the future.

    The end.

    This is all just a (humble) guess, but I do think there are some reasonable points here that could gain life in the not-so-distant future.

    • Disney bought 21st century Fox film, not the Fox American mass media company, which was spun off prior to acquisition. Smart move by Murdoch as the entertainment business is in pretty dire shape now…

      I am astounded by how depressed and anxious the peons, plebs and particularly chattering classes are on both sides, as if anything will really change based on a hood ornament switch…

      • Thanks, forgot about the spinoff and the fact that Fox News Corp. is altering due to the sons and not the mouse house. Either way, I still think PDJT winds up back in TV, but as an owner / partner in the future and Mumbles becomes the new President.

        Any new venture will be sold as “real conservatism” or some such idea.

        Again, thanks. I truly forgot about the spinoff and the sons.


    • Or maybe Harris/Biden get the win out right & within a year or 2 the war between the American Wayists & the communists will provide another chapter in American/world history for the (non)official historians to record.

      • Sure, this could be an outcome; however, one must consider the costs and if the 1% of the 1% are willing to take the risks for the ROI of internal war.

        Now if it simply brings the Phoenix Program home in full technicolor, as planned, then I am sure it will be well worth their continued consideration; however, caveats do exist. In the end, they may just want their own period of normalcy for a time, before launching into the next psyop and a year or two may simply no be enough once they are fat / happy again. Hard to say.

        If Barry’s third term comes to fruition, there will be a continued sell off to globalism and we might see more of a manifestation of one world government coming into view in the first four years. VP Biden will be shown the door quite quickly, and then a cast of clowns will keep the circus moving in some direction.

        If PDJT wins, well I have already mentioned what might happen in that scenario. Considering the gaming that has been already done regarding a color revolution and potential secession, along with hints that the President has dropped which indicate he misses private life, anything would be possible.

        As for secession, I do think it would be the only peaceful way to ensure the safety and future of the nation’s citizenry. Peaceful secession could be a future that dismantles the global military empire, while returning at least a part of the nation to it roots as a republic. The issues of such a separation are vast; however, if the planning was entered into with a positive perspective that this is the best outcome for a nation that would have a worse and far more reaching demise than the Roman Empire, there is a slim possibility that all could end well. This is not a concept that I take likely, yet I do seem some logic in the action at this point.

  2. It boggled my mind tonight when I paused to consider that the decision over who will become the “leader of the free world” will theoretically hinge on a small collection of communities comprised of folks like Gus’ son Owen. I cannot fathom that the Deep State and/or cabal of globalists would permit it. No way.

    • “She’s short and skinny, but she’s strong” One of the finest pieces of dialogue to
      come out of American cinema ever. I used to drive a truck just like that. Looks to
      be a 72 Chevy, probably got a 350 in her. Solid truck. Mine was all orange tho’ &
      not multi colored, and therefore much more presentable. All those American cars
      and trucks from the 60s – 70s are hard to find and worth $$$ esp when in good
      condition. Not seen the movie – I assume he made his wife & kid ride in the bed.
      That would’a been my play. ha ha ha … GoTrump 2020 !!

    • You bring up a valid point torchy. I feel social data is harvested from FB and others and ‘digital twins’ are created to that resemble reality close enough. Then this fake vote is broadcast as reality and we accept it.

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