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Students call for laxed grading for black students. University goes along with it.

  • Students at the University of Washington want lax policies for black students during finals week.
  • Professors are encouraged to give their black students grading leniency to “cope emotionally.”

By Jessica Custodio | 3 June 2020

CAMPUS REFORM — Students at the University of Washington are demanding that black students be given leniency on finals because they are too “busy fighting for [their] rights to sit down and study.” The university is advising professors to do just that.

An online petition calls for laxed grading and accommodations, specifically for Black students. So far, the petition has amassed more than 26,000 signatures.

“…give Black students a break! We are already DISPROPORTIONATELY impacted by this pandemic in terms of health care access and financial hardship. Now add state-sanctioned violence, how do you expect us to enter finals in this headspace?!” reads the petition.

“You need to encourage and demand professors to accommodate their black students during this time. If UW truly understands our pain, UW will be a part of alleviating it,” the petition continues. “We can’t sit back and watch as injustices unfold before our eyes. We don’t have the privilege that white and non-black students do to ignore what’s happening and stay at home to study for finals,” the petition added.

“We are busy fighting for our rights and for the rights of future black children and students to sit down and study. The least UW could do is demand professors to accommodate us during this time.” […]

2 Comments on Students call for laxed grading for black students. University goes along with it.

  1. LOL — here are the first two comments on this petition right now:

    I’m a black student from the University of Washington. And these past events against my community has affected me emotionally and mentally

    I’m signing because I can’t concentrate on school while everything is going on right now. I am traumatized by seeing somone that looks like me murder just because of his skin color.

    But it’s Whites who are the ‘fragile’ ones.

    And assuming they are black students at the Univ of WA, how many literate Whites and Asians were rejected to admit these cretins?

  2. Funny how all the thousands of Kent State University students, traumatized after 4 were shot and killed by the National Guard on campus on May 4th, 1970, never demanded “laxed grading” on their exams, or “safe spaces”, or special privileges of any kind. Oh, I forgot— they were white, so they don’t matter.

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