Get Ready to Start Paying COVID-19 Surcharges on Purchases

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The Price of Your California Burrito is Going Up, San Diego

San Diego’s taco shop staple – the California Burrito – is a bit pricier in these times of the coronavirus pandemic

By Monica Garske and Melissa Adan | 19 May 2020

NBC NEWS 7 SAN DIEGO — … Today, more than two months after the coronavirus pandemic reached San Diego County, locals have reported finding signs at their local taco shops that alert customers of a rise in the price of California Burritos, as well as Carne Asada Burritos, due to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis.

For instance, last week a sign spotted at a Los Panchos Taco Shop on Waring Road near Zion Avenue in Allied Gardens read, in part: “The COVID-19 situation continues to bring unexpected beef and pork plant closures. This is creating a shortage of product into commerce and therefore protein prices are skyrocketing.”

As a result, that taco shop – on that same sign – had to let customers know that a surcharge of $1.25 is now being charged to all carne asada items, including the California Burrito. […]

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  1. These “surcharges” on meat are to encourage veganism, making us more docile and easy to control, according to some.

    May I comment on your retweeted Nathan Pat-KEK Hale’s Twitter? That scientist wasn’t Gates, but the video about turning off the religious gene was real. One comment said that damaging the pineal gland “Third Eye” damaged the ability to feel spirituality, and guess what’s directly behind the Infrared Laser Thermometer Guns they are now pointing at everyone’s Third Eye? The pineal gland.

    • There is a better quality video that seems to show somebody else. The voice is a dead ringer for Gates. Very strange and I would say spooky video, seems tied to one Joey Lombardi, who said it was sent to him.

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