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Trump Waiting on Public-Health Expert Jared Kushner Before Deciding on Coronavirus Emergency: Report

Jared Kushner alongside President Trump on his first overseas trip. PHOTO: Reuters

By Matt Stieb | 11 March 2020

THE INTELLIGENCER — Amid bringing peace to the Middle East, guiding the construction of the border wall, and ending America’s ongoing opioid crisis, Jared Kushner is now facing yet another task that should be delegated to an entire government agency, rather than to the president’s son-in-law. According to Politico, President Trump is delaying his decision on whether or not to declare a national emergency to combat the spread of the coronavirus on the expert public-health opinion of fellow real-estate developer and fortunate son-in-law Jared Kushner. According to administration sources who spoke with Politico, Trump is holding off on a national emergency decision until Kushner “finishes his research and comes to a conclusion himself.”

If past examples of Kushner’s research serve as a model, it’s not going to be much help. To ready himself for the job of ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the White House adviser boasted of his great preparation process of reading “25 books” on the region’s profoundly complex history. Unable to get Palestinians onboard for the talks, his plan was by all accounts a failure. Mike Pompeo called it a “deal that only the Israelis could love,” while other Trump allies were reportedly concerned that the peace deal could “trigger violence.” As the government continues to botch testing and fail to flatten the outbreak curve, one imagines Kushner’s preparation this time around: working from home in Kalorama, watching Contagion, and Googling “Ken Burns Spanish Flu.” […]

3 Comments on Trump Waiting on Public-Health Expert Jared Kushner Before Deciding on Coronavirus Emergency: Report

  1. We got the word in Albuquerque all mass attendance events will be cancelled through the end of April. Sounded to me like they were saying the “global shut-down” drill will be over at the start of May(isn’t that the end of flu/cold season anyway?)and some new disaster will replace CV. Just curious what reel will be loaded onto the projector next in the “fear porn” screening room.

  2. This is really beginning to look like a 9/11-size false flag being played out at a lower speed on a larger stage.

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