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No Refunds: Costco Hoarders Discover They Can’t Return Toilet Paper

By Tyler Durden | 24 March 2020

ZERO HEDGE — Panic hoarders who rushed into Costco to buy years-worth of toilet paper are finding themselves out of luck when it comes to the big-box store’s typically generous return policy.

Those who have regrets after realizing that COVID-19 isn’t a ‘pooping disease’ were met with signs at various Costco locations informing them that they won’t be able to return all that toilet paper, paper towels, sanitizing wipes, water, rice and lysol they bought in anticipation of a societal collapse, according to brobible[…]

6 Comments on No Refunds: Costco Hoarders Discover They Can’t Return Toilet Paper

  1. Where I am, there are still huge shortages and empty shelves in the stores. No tp, no diapers for my baby, no wipes for my baby. I’m not even housebound. I know plenty of housebound folks are suffering. If these stores are having surplus they need to start redistributing to the stores still lacking.

  2. While getting ready to purchase your products, Costco is now making people stand behind pre-designated lines in the check-stand area, they make announcements over the intercom for you to maintain your 6ft. from others, they will NOT let you put your items on the conveyor-belt by yourself(they do it for you), they will NOT touch your ID, some will NOT accept cash, and of course, they are wearing their nice masks and gloves.

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