Poland’s Ruling Elite Want to Hand Over 30% of Residential Property to ‘Holocaust’ Survivors

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Section 3 of Act 447, the provision for heirless property, is the part that reveals the law’s intent. Under existing laws, heirless property becomes the property of the state. After WW2 there was a lot of property without owners (whether owned by Poles or Jews), and it has been sold ever since. This law has the potential to cause national havoc, as the vast majority of Poles own their own homes. Even in the relatively cosmopolitan capital of Warsaw, 79% of city-dwellers own their homes and apartments.

Under S447, any Polish-Jew or descendent of said Polish Jew can lay claim to property to property deemed heirless and sold after the war, thus all land that can be claimed to have been owned by Jews before 1939 will be transferred to the global Jewish diaspora. If this law is put into practice, approximately 30% of Warsaw homeowners will be forced to pay “rent” to random Jews claiming to be Holocaust survivors or their descendants in New York City and Tel Aviv.

By Paul Mieczysław | 6 December 2019

RUSSIA INSIDER — The history of PiS (Law & Justice party) is almost entirely unknown outside of Poland. During the final year of communism the “round table talks” were held at Magdalenka, a small village near Warsaw, in 1989.

The participants have controlled Poland since, regardless of whether they are on the right or on the left. Many Poles believe they conspired at these talks to share power over the country indefinitely while excluding nationalistic right-wing parties like Konfederacja.

There are rumors that many of these participants, including the Kaczyńskis, are freemasons, but this is largely speculation. […]

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  1. Fugging jews never stop their evil schemes to gain control of the entire world. That’s why they hate and fear “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” so much, it’s because it’s an outline and roadmap to world domination.

  2. Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on its activities during the second world war (September 1, 1939 – June 30, 1947), Volumes 1 – 3 (complete)
    No Evidence Of Genocide
    One of the most important aspects of the Red Cross Report is that it clarifies the true cause of those deaths that undoubtedly occurred in the camps toward the end of the war. Says the Report: “In the chaotic condition of Germany after the invasion during the final months of the war, the camps received no food supplies at all and starvation claimed an increasing number of victims. Itself alarmed by this situation, the German Government at last informed the ICRC on February 1st, 1945 … In March 1945, discussions between the President of the ICRC and General of the S.S. Kaltenbrunner gave even more decisive results. Relief could henceforth be distributed by the ICRC, and one delegate was authorised to stay in each camp …” (Vol. III, p. 83).




    Videos on Auschwitz etc, listed here:


    Holodomor Genocide here:


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