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Meet Prime Minister Boorish Johnson: A Sistema-Made Man

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In previous posts we revealed the pedigrees of David Cameron and John Kerry. Two of Cameron’s great-grandfathers were British pederast War Party banksters who were instrumental in financing the Japanese in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-05. Kerry is a direct descendant of — and has a great resemblance to — one of the most famous mystic rabbis in history, the Maharal Of Prague.

Newly elected British Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is another chip off a bad ol’ block. Johnson’s father, Stanley, has been writing books promoting depopulation for almost 50 years now, starting with “Life without Birth: A Journey Through the Third World in Search of the Population Explosion” (1970).

Stanley is a former employee of the World Bank and the European Commission, two of the most prominent promoters of “carbon” taxation, which would increase the cost of both food and fuel exponentially. He was also the head of the Prevention of Pollution Division at the European Commission from 1973 to 1979.

As a reminder, what the “climate change” and “environmental” policies of the ruling class are usually really about is depopulation in order to maintain control over land and resources.

Stanley’s works include:

  • The Green Revolution (1972)
  • The Population Problem (1973)
  • The Politics of Environment (1973)
  • Pollution Control Policy of the EEC (1978)
  • World Population and the United Nations (1987)
  • The Earth Summit: The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development UNCED (1993)
  • World Population – Turning the Tide (1994)
  • The Politics of Population: Cairo (1994)
  • The Environmental Policy of the European Communities (1995)
  • UNEP: The First 40 Years – A Narrative by Stanley Johnson (United Nations Environment Programme) (2012)

It was Stanley Johnson who wrote the introduction and commentary to the official text of the United Nation’s 1993 Rio Earth Summit, wherein the policies of Agenda 21 were articulated.

Boris’ mother, Charlotte Johnson Wahl, “made her name as a professional portrait painter” for Crispin Tickell, the U.N. spook who first convinced Margret Thatcher to introduce the concept of CO2-driven “climate change” into mainstream British politics in a speech she gave to the Royal Society in September 1988.

Sir Crispin is a direct descendant of Thomas Henry Huxley (known as Darwin’s bulldog), one of the first promoters of Darwinism and Eugenics, which led to government sterilization policies all over the world.

Boris’ maternal grandfather was James Fawcett. He assisted with the writing of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. He returned to private practice as a barrister in 1950 and appeared for the U.K. at the International Court of Justice at The Hague several times.

Fawcett was general counsel to the International Monetary Fund from 1955 to 1960 and a member of the European Commission of Human Rights from 1962 to 1984, serving as its president from 1972 to 1982. He was also director of studies at the Royal Institute of International Affairs (also known as Chatham House) from 1969 to 1973.

Recently, Boris Johnson delivered a speech to the U.N. General Assembly in which he acknowledged the threats presented by modern technology, but then committed the U.K. to its further development, declaring a “need to agree to a common set of global principles to shape the norms and standards that will guide the development of emerging technology.”

He also spoke of the necessity of adopting “green tech” in “our common struggle against climate change.”

Boris was raised in a bubble and attended private schools. His earliest recorded ambition was to be “world king.”

At Eton College, Johnson began using his middle name, Boris, rather than Alex and developed “the eccentric English persona” for which he would later become known. School reports mention his idleness, complacency and lateness, but he was popular and well known at Eton. His friends were largely from the wealthy upper classes.

With the fall of the Berlin Wall, Johnson emerged as a Eurosceptic. In the ’90s, he began hanging out with the left-liberal intelligentsia. Under the influence of this milieu and his wife, Johnson moved in a more liberal direction on issues like climate change, LGBT rights and race relations.

His exposure starting taking off when he appeared on T.V. shows as a bumbling but entertaining upper-class persona. He is a Lugenpresse media creation.

Here is World Wide Wrestling, British Boorish Johnson style.

As a public official, he has a reputation for poor discipline and either missing or being late to meetings. During his first four years as M.P., he attended just over half of the Commons votes. In his second term, this declined to 45%.

He went contrary to Conservative policy by endorsing an earned amnesty for illegal immigrants. He supported Barrack Obama during U.S. presidential races.

Johnson’s election to Mayor of London in 2007 was primarily funded by the City of London’s financial sector.

He remains largely supportive of his friends in the media – among them Rupert Murdoch.

Johnson champions London’s financial sector and has denounced “banker bashing” following the financial crisis of 2008/’09, condemning the anti-capitalist Occupy London movement that emerged in 2011.

He received criticism during the early weeks after taking over former British P.M. Theresa May’s post, largely because he was late for two official functions in his first week, and because he went on holiday to Turkey after just three weeks on the job.

Throughout his public life, Johnson has had a reputation as a skirt chaser and has a proclivity of impregnating his amores. The press has also accused him of having an affair with Helen MacIntyre and of fathering her child, allegations that he did not deny. He was also caught up in the parliamentary expenses scandal.

It’s clear that he’s a compromisable character and, as a consequence, controllable. This will be useful to the New Underworld Order on issues like war and peace. When push comes to shove, he will always be the errand boy and key member of the kakistocracy.

Winter Watch Takeaway

The giveaway is Boris Johnson’s pedigree of hardcore globalists and internationalists. Like Trump, he represents the right but is, in reality, a Trojan horse sent in to bring down the nation. Look for him to drop the ball on Brexit.

The sistema is using the same Worldwide Wrestling formula with Boorish as with Trump: reality T.V. cult of celebrity personality.

Asked why they support Boorish, a common reply among his voters was, “I’m voting for Boris because he is a laugh.”

As prime minister, it will be Johnson who gets the last laugh.

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7 Comments on Meet Prime Minister Boorish Johnson: A Sistema-Made Man

  1. The choice of the average European.
    Do we run into world globalization or we we walk ?
    If we walk, we can at least enjoy the view.
    Voting for the Boris and Trump’s, we walk.
    In the walk one remains hopeful, will we wake up, before they close the gate of damnation.

  2. Much like the Mrs Clinton fiasco that resulted in the Trump presidency, Corbyn was arguably controlled opposition as Aangirfan discusses here.

    Traditionally Labour has been against the EEC / EU, fighting for national control of industry and ‘local’ markets, wealth and competitive capitalism exports over the ‘level playfield’ globalization that the EU represents. Today it’s unclear what Labour represents as a party beyond hand ringing, identity politics and bleating, with the Conservatives incredibly selling themselves as a ‘workers party’ as we approach an increasingly automated future.

    The EU is obsolete and badly needs reform, with the Germans currently taking the brunt of that reality as world champion globalists and green capitalists.

    At this point Bernie Sanders may be compromised in the same way as Corbyn, a weak pied piper that splits off a large action of the vote but ultimately leaves them stranded when Trump wins.

    • (((Bernie sanders))) is a communist that went to moscow and leningrad during the sovjet union, and he stayed in a stalin kibbutz in israel. (and he is a rich commie)

    • Left/Right – 2 sides of the same flaky, fake coin. G.K. Chesterton had the answer – Distributism, a century ago. God has given us a bounteous Earth with more, much more, than enough for every one of its 7 or 8 billion inhabitants to live life to the full. Instead we have trillionaires and multi-billionaires running our “democratic” governments by proxy. The world is toxic (not because of CO2) and obscene, personified by toxic and obscene “leaders” like BoJo, Trump and Netanyahu.

  3. Thatchers former electorate is renown for it’s high number of Jews both religious and non religious…..therefore it is likely Thatcher was a crypto jew.
    Theresa May who used to make reference to her church going all the time….is DEFINITELY a crypto jew and had the olfactory apparatus to support that contention.Appropriately her husband is a financier..

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