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Sweden: Nigerian occult mafia spreading across the country, police say

By Arthur Lyons | 27 October 2019

VOICE OF EUROPE — A West African criminal network that’s known for human trafficking, drug running, fraud, and using bizarre occult rituals and torture to brainwash prostitutes is spreading throughout Sweden.

Police fear that Black Ax, an international criminal organization based out of Nigeria, is beginning to gain a foothold in Uppsala after already establishing itself in cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö, SVT Nyheter reports.

“They are mainly involved in human trafficking,” says Uppsala police spokesperson, Jale Poljarevius.

“They are holding women hostage, and through voodoo, they are tricking them into believing they will end up badly if they leave the job. But they are also involved in selling cocaine and heroin,” Poljarevius added. […]

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