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Reddit Suspends Users Who Post Project Veritas Videos


By Corinne Weaver | 17 June 2019

NEWS BUSTERS — Tech platforms are wiping any evidence of the Project Veritas video exposing Pinterest censorship.

Twitter and YouTube have both taken down mentions of the Project Veritas Pinterest exposé in the past week since its release. Now, Reddit is suspending users who breathe a word of the video. The video is also banned from being shared on Reddit, according to several users who cannot upload the video to the platform anymore.

A user, u/Atavisionary, was suspended after posting a link to Project Veritas’ video. The platform claimed that by posting the link, the user had shared “personal information.” As such, he was now permanently suspended.

Another account posted: “It looks like it is impossible to post a link to projectveritas on reddit. Even after adding an automod auto approval rule or manually trying to approve a link to that domain it is set right back to be removed.” […]

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