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Founder & CEO of Sex-Trafficking Site Worked For FBI; Robert Mueller Honored Convicted Human Trafficker With FBI Award

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13 April 2018

TRUE PUNDIT — As FBI Director, Robert Mueller awarded CEO Carl Ferrer recognition from the Justice Department and FBI for working in an investigative capacity to assist the FBI.

That award was bestowed on Ferrer and specifically by the FBI in 2011. Mueller, director at the time, signed the award. The citation may have also included a cash reward, FBI sources said.

Ironic especially since Ferrer — previously charged criminally for pimping — was arrested by the FBI last week and plead out to sweeping criminal charges on Thursday.

Last week the FBI seized the embattled website, the Justice Department alleging its founders and employees — including Ferrer — helped traffic underage sex victims, as well launder millions of dollars among other federal charges. […]

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