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America’s Paper Tiger to Collapse from 4D-Chess Policies, War and Grand Solar Minimum

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American farming has encountered the apocalyptic horsemen of 4D-chess-meister Donald Trump’s trade wars coupled with the onset of Grand Solar Minimum (GSM). As we warned back in April, corn, wheat and soybean crops would be problematic. It now looks like Chinese buying will be moot, as little grain will be grown this year. Keep in mind that the GSM is just beginning.

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In its Crop Progress Report on Monday, the USDA pegged U.S. corn planting at 49% complete, behind the 80% five-year average. The trade expected a completion rating of 53%. Even worse, only 19% of the planted U.S. corn has emerged versus a 49% five-year average.

The USDA pegged the U.S. soybean planting completion rate at 19% versus a 47% five-year average. Of the U.S. soybean crop, 5% has emerged versus a 17% five-year average.

This chart shows U.S. farm income in the tank even before this spring’s planting disaster and trade war.

Wisconsin dairy farmers are going bankrupt and milk herds are halved from 2005. This was one of Trump’s key squeak-by states in 2016.

The GSM-driven weather continues this week to be too wet and too cold for planting in the ag belt.

“It is conceivable that parts of the Plains and Upper Midwest may receive 12 to 18 inches of rain during the second half of May alone,” said AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski.

River flooding is in store along the Missouri and Mississippi river systems.

Even before the ag wipeout and China tariffs, trucking and rail shipments in the U.S. were turning down.

The data in the following chart is through April before the full trade war and ag fiasco developed.

We also learn that Chinese mega-device company Huawei Technologies advanced ordered a year of crucial components to prepare for trade war uncertainties. Orders are now going to zero.

It is also unclear what the psychopathic horseman of the apocalypse are thinking as far as how hardened the U.S. paper tiger is to a war with Iran and asymmetric sabotage tactics that country may use. Irrespective of enemy agents tipping the paper tiger over as warfare, could there also be a large sleeper cell Fifth Column operating in the US as a result of porous borders?

Additionally, there are strong indications that violent and destructive cultists are taking over American cities and turning them into sanctioned lawless places.

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Portland has become ground zero for Antifa “protests” and violence. The lawlessness has become so pronounced, in fact, that the local sheriff has now instructed his deputies to stay out of the city because it has become too dangerous, and they are getting no assistance from city police.

As the journal “Law Enforcement Today” reported, Portland just lost a huge chunk of its police presence. On Friday, Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts wrote an email to his deputies, stating his concern for their safety.

“I will not place you at unnecessary personal and professional risk,” the email read.

If another war flares up, we might actually see an organic anti-war movement — not just hit the streets but engage in insurrection.

Curiously, Trump may well be instituting the Insurrection Act based on real intel.

He declared, “Our detention centers are full.” ICE facilities were forced to release 100,000 illegal immigrants in the first three months of 2019 because of overcrowding. However, are other domestic targets going to be dealt with as well?

The Insurrection Act is an exception to the general rule, enshrined in the Posse Comitatus Act, that presidents may not use the military as a domestic police force. Posse comitatus, in the words of one former Defense Department official, reflects “one of the clearest political traditions in Anglo-American history: that using military power to enforce the civilian law is harmful to both civilian and military interests.”

Infrastructure Vulnerable 

In the following video, we see the gate of an old dam just crumble on its own and without assistance in the face of rising water levels.

And what of the aged and already failing levees that will be put to the test?

Here, a levee breaks on April 30 in Davenport, Iowa, giving one a clear picture of how much water comes quickly in afterwards. Also consider how fragile these are when water builds up.

Next, we have levees in Illinois that have breached. A local farmer explains that the Army Corps of Engineers doesn’t have the resources to restore them.

The juvenile delinquents running America may soon learn another of Beavis and Butthead’s life’s lessons. It seems embargos and sanctions can be a two-way street. Whodathunk?

Just hours after the Trump administration on Friday blacklisted Huawei and threatened to cut it off from the U.S. software and semiconductors it needs to make its products, came a warning signal to the U.S.

China may use rare earths as a retaliation measure as the trade war heats up. The U.S. relies on China, the dominant global supplier, for about 80% of its rare-earth imports. Most of these are used by the warmonger’s military-industrial complex. And for what China doesn’t supply, other adversaries like Russia do. Hardly looks like a sustainable trade or real war footing for the Paper Tiger.

3 Comments on America’s Paper Tiger to Collapse from 4D-Chess Policies, War and Grand Solar Minimum

  1. From the Led Zeppelin tune “When the Levee Breaks”: Cryin’ won’t help ya, Prayin’ won’t do ya no good.

    All the while the liberal brain dead are screaming for gun confiscation. Time to arm up and stock up, it’s gonna be a rough ride.

  2. As sorry as I am for US farmers, I am rejoicing that the crops most affected are the most damaging to the human body. The loss of access to Chinese rare Earth minerals could put the brakes on speeding technological change here, including 5G which might be a welcome change. While the WH punk posse and other delinquents in the alphabets will be stamping their feet and screaming at their failed, middle school, tactics, the country may be able to slow down and assume a more human form.

    We will have to move to greenhouse agriculture. I understand that Spain has been developing this type of farming for some time now after a major frost destroyed the fruit crops there a few years back. I believe Russia uses this system as well. It will make crops more expensive, but it will eradicate the need for pesticides since everything will be grown indoors. Hmmmm.

    The end of the Iphone? What will we do?

  3. Good info on GSM at this channel–Ice Age Farmer (YouTube I think…look it up under Ice Age Farmer)

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