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The Freemason Conspiracy: Fact or Myth?

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The vast majority of modern-day people are conditioned to associate references to freemasonry or the Illuminati with crazy or koo-koo conspiracy theorists. Even I don’t use the term “Illuminati” in my writings as I feel it distracts from the modern version Crime Syndicate apparatus. I do, however, believe high ranking Freemasons play a role in the modern Crime Syndicate. At least their secretive model, adopted from the Jesuits, is utilized. Freemasons have a hive mind, follow secretive instructions and utilize a dictate called “strict observance,” which in itself should set off alarm bells.

In looking back at hidden history, there are clear indications that the men in power of the past were fully aware of the threat of Illuminati-Freemason infiltration. In 1807, Goethe wrote that “freemasonry creates a state within a state.”

There is a correspondence between George Washington and G.W. Synder that sheds light on the topic of the lodges in 1798. The full exchange can be viewed here, but it begins with a letter from Synder. Although the English is stilted to the modern reader, the book Synder references can be read here. The author, John Robison, was one of the leading scientists of that era. The point to be made is that this conversation was occurring and continued to occur at the highest levels of intellectual life at the time. It was hardly dismissed as crazy. The short version is that Robison considered Masons a power grab by nefarious, nasty characters using Jedi mind games to run herd over the masses.

Snyder: “It was some Time since that a Book fell into my Hands entituled “Proofs of a Conspiracy &c. by John Robison,” which gives a full Account of a Society of Freemasons, that distinguishes itself by the Name “of Illuminati,” whose Plan is to overturn all Government and all Religion, even natural; and who endeavour to eradicate every Idea of a Supreme Being, and distinguish Man from Beast by his Shape only. A Thought suggested itself to me, that some of the Lodges in the United States might have caught the Infection, and might cooperate with the Illuminati or the Jacobine Club in France. Fauchet is mentioned by Robison as a zealous Member: and who can doubt of Genet and Adet? Have not these their Confidants in this Country? They use the same Expressions and are generally Men of no Religion. Upon serious Reflection I was led to think that it might be within your Power to prevent the horrid Plan from corrupting the Brethren of the English Lodge over which you preside.”

Washington’s answer is a sidestep by saying he has no involvement with the lodges personally, which was a lie. He says he has “been too busy to read the book,” but he is aware of the nefarious nature of the European lodges. He felt the American version was free of the contamination. Did Washington ever read Robison’s book? There is no indication, and Washington died about a year later.

“I have heard much of the nefarious, & dangerous plan, & doctrines of the Illuminati, but never saw the Book until you were pleased to send it to me. The same causes which have prevented my acknowledging the receipt of your letter, have prevented my reading the Book, hitherto; namely—the multiplicity of matters which pressed upon me before, & the debilitated state in which I was left after, a severe fever had been removed. And which allows me to add little more now, than thanks for your kind wishes and favourable sentiments, except to correct an error you have run into, of my Presiding over the English lodges in this Country. The fact is, I preside over none, nor have I been in one more than once or twice, within the last thirty years. I believe notwithstandings, that none of the Lodges in this Country are contaminated with the principles ascribed to the Society of the Illuminati. With respect I am Sir Your Obedt Hble Servt Go: Washington” 

I realize that for the modern person with a short attention span and constant need to be entertained, Synder’s Oct. 1, 1798, reply in old stilted English is no easy read. But it is worth it in terms of what we are dealing with today. What he is describing is neo-Marxism.

Some Weeks ago I sent you a Letter with Robison’s Proof of a Conspiracy which I hope you have received. I have since been more confirmed in the Ideas I had suggested to you concerning an Order of Men, who in Germany have distinguished themselves by the Names of Illuminati—German Union—Reading Societies—and in France by that of the Jacobine-Club, that the same are now existing in the United States.

It also occurred to me that you might have had ideas to that Purport when you disapproved of the Meetings of the Democratic-Societies, which appeared to me to be a Branch of that Order, though many Members may be entirely ignorant of the Plan. Those Men who are so much attached to French Principles, have all the Marks of Jacobinism. They first cast off all religious Restraints, and then became fit for perpetrating every Act of Inhumanity. And, it is remarkable, that most of them are actually Scoffers at all religious Principles.

It is said that the ‘Lodge Theodore in Bavaria became notorious for the many bold and dangerous Sentiments in Religion and Politics that were uttered in their Harangues, and its Members were remarkable for their Zeal in making Proselytes’; (and no Wonder since the Order was to rule the World.) Is not there a striking Similarity between their Proceedings and those of many Societies that oppose the Measures of our present Government?

Even in this small Place the French-Faction is very numerous—their Expressions are like those of Bloody-Lutetia [Lutetia Parisiorum, or Paris]: their Sentiments in exact Unison with those of the Jacobine Club: their Hearts panting for Faggots and Guillotines. The Foundation of their Sanctuary is laid with Lies, and every Stone of the Superstructure reared with Falsehood. They are laboriously employed to excite Discord—to extinguish public Virtue—to break down the Barriers of Religion—to establish Atheism, and work the Downfall of our Civil—and Religious Liberty. Should their perfidious Schemes succeed (I tremble even at the Imagination of the Consequences) what would become of our Columbia?

The focus of freemasonry has been the capture of the highest ranking members of society. Very early on, freemasonry ridiculed the ideal of fighting for national, ethnic or racial principles. Some have labelled this philo-Semitism. This pushed forward an ideal of universal interests and Luciferian hyper-tolerance. Today, this is manifested in the culture wars as neo-Marxism and Social Justice Warriors.

Are the symbols just a coinkydink?

This was exhibited at Davos, where an elite group, who lives in gated communities, preached universal harmony in the form of asking those on the plantation to “open their hearts” and be willing to destroy their way of life for the benefit of “the refugee problem.” This year, Cate Blanchett pointed out that only 1% of 66 million displaced people globally have been resettled in developed countries, and that there is work to be done. I’ll bet.

Curious indeed considering that at the same time Davos was underway, a new report came out indicating 1% of the global wealthiest had captured 82% of the new wealth generated in 2017. Indeed, just 42 people own the same amount of wealth as the poorest 50 percent worldwide. Are they Masonic Illuminati? The question is moot given that they employ the same tactics, rhetoric and belief systems that Robison wrote about 220 years ago. It’s the same pig wearing newer lipstick.

Are the Davos criminals opening their wallets and influence to lobby against Anglo-Zionist wars and regime takedowns in the Middle East? This is the fonte of much of the migrant issue. We now have scientific studies showing that people can be far better served within their place of origin. [See Oxford professor’s report “Helping Refugees Locally is 135 Times Cheaper Than Helping Them in the West“] Do the Davos criminals use their dominant wealth and influence to do so in a significant way? No. Rather, the message from this bad Davos element was to fight xenophobia. In other words, guilt shame those on the receiving end to take it in the ass while they globe trot around the world. Beyond that, the plan is laid out succinctly, both then and now, in Synder’s “Lies, Falsehoods and Discord” letter. And then, as now, the country’s “leader” was too distracted, lazy or on the take to push in the right direction.

7 Comments on The Freemason Conspiracy: Fact or Myth?

  1. Rules for thinking with the Church, #!3, Ignatius of Loyola, “That we may be altogether of the same mind and in conformity with the Church herself, we ought always to hold that the white which I see, is black, if the Hierarchical Church so decides it.” Seems this could be distilled into Sabbatean Frankism without too much difficulty.

  2. If we trace the roots to Freemasonry we will find it leads to the same old (((tribe)))

    “GENTILE masonry blindly serves as a screen for us and our objects, but the plan of action of our force, even its very abiding-place, remains for the whole people an unknown mystery.” (The Protocols of Zion, 4:2)

    “Masonry, that immense association, the rare initiated of which, that is to say, the real chiefs of which, whom we must be careful not to confound with the nominal chiefs, live in a strict and intricate alliance with the militant members of Judaism, princes and imitators of the high Cabal. For that elite of the order–those real chiefs whom so few of the initiated know, or whom they only know for the most part under a nom de guerre, are employed in the profitable and secret dependence of the cabalistic Israelites. And this phenomenon is accomplished thanks to the habits of rigorous discretion to which they subject themselves by oaths and terrible menaces; thanks also to the majority of Jewish members which the mysterious constitution of Masonry seats in its sovereign counsel.”—Gougenot des Mosseaux in Le Juif, le Judaisme et la Judaisation des Peuples Chretiens, Paris, 1869.

    The Jewish Guardian admitted openly on 12 April 1922: “Freemasonry is born out of Israel.”


  3. The word Free Mason appears a symbol from here, and is most properly written FreeMason.
    F and M represent the numbers 6 and 13 and the 613 mitzvoth of the jew.
    6 and 13 most kikely find their source in 42 and 58, then it is by 42 58 is derived 6 13 then 8 40 then 1948, the make undead date of jew isreal.
    Whether jews remain in jisreal is another matter. Isreal was paid for with the blood of others….. not jew.

    Those in possession of that which is paid for by others are generally regarded as thieves.

  4. I always believed the Illuminati was an umbrella term for the power players, Skull & Bones, top Freemasons, and other elite secret societies, not a faction of its own. It being such a vague term also is what makes it easily discredited or ridiculed by most.

  5. Good read — entertaining even (“hearts panting for faggots”? barring a more modern interpretation perhaps Flogging people with sticks or wanting the power of the Roman fasces?)

    This video was very good , apparently the American Revolution was entirely a Freemason operation, iirc, destroying the King is part of their philosophical belief system.

    I’ve always been partial to self-help societies — the Odd Fellows etc — it seemed like they were instrumental in raising up at least the British working class — providing eg various insurances, health, funeral, and disability — until the Fabian socialists looted them for their own power grab (eg, 75% of British workers were covered by health insurance at turn of 20th C, and it was private). I always looked at the Freemasons fondly as just like the other self help societies, but now I read there is something quite sinister about them. It produces a weird feeling.

    But just like there is a 1% and a 1% of that 1% in the Pareto power hierarchy, I am sure the secret societies — Skull and Bones etc — have vastly more power than your run of the mill Freemason lodge.

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