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World Trade Center’s Infamous 91st-Floor Israeli ‘Art Student’ Project

‘The greatest conspiracies are not actually hidden, just fragmented into different pieces, like a puzzle, right before our eyes.’ — Judith Morant

In the period leading up to 9/11, a group of Israelis (not dual-U.S. citizens) managed to secure “temporary construction” passes to perform work on the 91st floor of Larry “pull it” Silverstein’s leased WTC 1. These passes gave them access to the entire WTC complex. The pretense was an art project called the “B-Thing” and the group is called Gelatin. Note that pass was valid for weekends.

After securing their passes, Gelatin proceeded to remove the heavy WTC windows of an office space on the 91st floor and reportedly constructed a prefab balcony outside of the building. Then they stretched “putty” around the windows and filmed it by helicopter as a stunt shown here. On Aug. 18, 2001 The New York Times even felt strangely compelled to cover this story and considered it newsworthy, or a backstory. On the right is the photo of the balcony as shown in the newspaper article.

This may sound innocent enough for the gullible except for the fact that photos — taken from the artists’ book called the “B-Thing” AND used in the Times’ article — from inside the 91st floor camp out revealed boxes stacked to the ceiling with the letters and numbering “BB 18” on the side. BB 18 is the model number for a fuse-holder accessory, as described:

Features/benefits of this product: “Purpose is to save space and workload in a complicated wiring situation. Decreases wiring terminations, small footprint reduces space requirements, reduces assembly time, prevents accidental finger exposure, quick and safe method of changing fuse holder configurations, allows for future expansion, improves troubleshooting, eliminates power distribution block.”

Also take note that the ceiling tiles have been totally removed and expose the steel girders. The following little gem at right above of a falling creature, and perhaps a calling card, was included in the ops’ egotistical, self-absorbed and freakish book.

The impact points of the “planes” were at the 93-98 floors. Below is cartoon physics of an aircraft imprint created by its aluminum wings that could not precision cut steel exterior columns.

Buried and apparently long forgotten is this 2002 Daily Mail story about the U.S. arresting and deporting 200 Israelis, some of whom posed as “art students,” for spying and espionage activities in the lead up to 9/11. In addition, here is the DEA’s report on Israeli activities in the U.S. just prior to 9/11. So much for the nonsensical theory that 19 Muslims with boxcutters pulled off this crime of the century.

Additionally, we have yet another “coincidence.” The building was powered down over a weekend prior to 9/11.

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    • Yes, let us not tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories, but let us make sure our Bonesmen brethren, from the outrageous secret society that involves lying in coffins and circle jerks, the outrageous secret society we outrageously refuse to admit we belong to, let us make sure they occupy all important positions of power in American life.

  1. On 9-11 – Ariel Sharon was the real mastermind, suggests Jewish alt-media leader Ron Keeva Unz … and he suggests that the reason 9-11 was planned and carried out, was to prevent Israel from collapsing, as it was perhaps near to doing at the time

    The ‘alt-right’ Unz Review – hugely popular, about 2 million visitors per month – has the Jewish Ron Unz getting bolder and bolder in denunciations of traditional Jewish viewpoints, Unz portraying Judaism as inherently supremacist & corrupt in both theory & practice.

    In Unz’s article this week on 9-11, Ron Unz places the 9-11 events as almost certainly directed by Israel, with Ariel Sharon as the most likely 9-11 mastermind, aided by the largely Jewish neo-cons in the US establishment and media … Unz strongly doubts that the ‘Texas oilmen’ types such as Bush and Cheney, were the instigators, suggesting that they are more likely people who felt it was inescapable to go along

    A major fresh point from Ron Unz’s piece – Unz himself used to be a major Jewish ‘mainstream conservative’ figure, with close friends including a US military general and Washington insiders – is that just before the 9-11 attacks, Israel was actually in deep existential trouble

    Before 9-11, countries around Israel – Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya – were all to some degree or other, supporting, financing and supplying weapons to Palestinians and their Intifada

    Before 9-11, Israelis were in genuine fear, often depressed and pessimistic, preparing escape plans for when Israel would fall

    But Unz writes that in fact, 9-11 ‘changed everything’ for Israel … the whole West was suddenly on board with wars against Muslims, a set of wars that very quickly began to destroy the Muslim governments who had been supporting the Palestinians

    Unz speaks of how after 9-11, Israeli generals were able to roam the Pentagon freely, without any security escort

    The last major Muslim governments to be significantly and concretely supportive of the Palestinians today, are Iran and Syria, with especially Syria now hobbled by a brutal imposed war destroying most of Syria’s ability to help anybody

    Unz’s account of Jewish capture of the US-Nato military establishment after 9-11 – and the existential threat Israel feels from the Palestinian-sympathetic Assad of Syria – seems to fully explain the bizarre obsession with destroying Syria, Israel & Nato support for ISIS, etc

    In 2006 Ariel Sharon ‘had a stroke’ and ‘went into a coma’ until he died in 2014 … Israelis who write on Israeli corruption, such as the late Barry Chamish, said it was a ‘hit’ to shut up Sharon

    Ron Unz has crossed the Rubicon in writing against his fellow Jews, Unz even cataloguing what he sees as major evidence of fraud in the holocaust accounts, leading Israel Shamir to call Ron Unz the ‘Kamikaze from California’

    • “…he suggests that the reason 9-11 was planned and carried out, was to prevent Israel from collapsing, as it was perhaps near to doing at the time” – 911 took years to plan. Not something they could just make happen because Israel was in trouble.

      Trouble with this raison d’etre is it could (it’s a longshot, but it could) almost, just almost, excuse Israel’s actions as being motivated by survival instinct.

      The facts, however, show otherwise. It was a coldly calculated plan, devised and executed in minute detail over SEVERAL YEARS, with no stone left unturned, and nothing left to chance. The Israeli Zionists’ first bid for control of the WTC was made way back in the 1980s and was unsuccessful, but they did not give up, and eventually succeeded with Silverstein in 2001.

      So did they know in the 1980s that Israel would be “near to collapsing” in 2001? I don’t think so.

      Their actions are nothing less than premeditated and unadulterated evil – to destroy, demoralize and displace the people in the nations around Israel, so Israel can completely dominate the entire Middle East using its slave attack dog, the U.S.A. whose people they could not give a rat’s ass about.

      It is absolutely, totally, NOT about “preventing Israel from collapsing”.

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