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Bolton: U.S. Will Go on Cyber Offensive

Trump National Security Adviser and neocon extraordinaire John Bolton.

Commits to preserving long-term openness and interoperability of internet

By John Eggertonsep | 20 September 2018

MULTICHANNEL NEWS — National Security Adviser John Bolton says that given that the U.S. is under attack daily from cyberspace, including attempts to “undermine democracy,” the U.S. would now use offensive as well as defensive cyber strategies to counter that threat, though he would not said exactly what that offense would entail.

That is a change from policy under President Barack Obama, he said, when offense was not part of the playbook.

Bolton said the Administration was committed to preserving “the long-term openness, interoperability and security and reliability of the internet.”

Bolton’s comments came in a briefing with reporters Thursday (Sept. 20) on the Trump Administration’s National Cyber Strategy presidential directive, which President Donald Trump has signed off on.

The unified cyber strategy recognizes that it has been a struggle to respond, and that it will take a thriving tech sector to succeed. […]

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