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American Pravda: The Nature of Anti-Semitism

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By Ron Unz | 30 July 2018

THE UNZ REVIEW — I recently published a couple of long essays, and although they primarily focused on other matters, the subject of anti-Semitism was a strong secondary theme. In that regard, I mentioned my shock at discovering a dozen or more years ago that several of the most self-evidently absurd elements of anti-Semitic lunacy, which I had always dismissed without consideration, were probably correct. It does seem likely that a significant number of traditionally-religious Jews did indeed occasionally commit the ritual murder of Christian children in order to use their blood in certain religious ceremonies, and also that powerful Jewish international bankers did play a large role in financing the establishment of Bolshevik Russia.

When one discovers that matters of such enormous moment not only apparently occurred but that they had been successfully excluded from nearly all of our histories and media coverage for most of the last one hundred years, the implications take some time to properly digest. If the most extreme “anti-Semitic canards” were probably true, then surely the whole notion of anti-Semitism warrants a careful reexamination.

All of us obtain our knowledge of the world by two different channels. Some things we discover from our own personal experiences and the direct evidence of our senses, but most information comes to us via external sources such as books and the media, and a crisis may develop when we discover that these two pathways are in sharp conflict. The official media of the old USSR used to endlessly trumpet the tremendous achievements of its collectivized agricultural system, but when citizens noticed that there was never any meat in their shops, “Pravda” became a watchword for “Lies” rather than “Truth.” […]

2 Comments on American Pravda: The Nature of Anti-Semitism

  1. The core definition of a Semite is that a Semite is a person of Arabic descent. How many “Jews” are Arabs? I’m not talking 1/100 percent but identifiable Arab? Not too many.

    Therefore, if you’re criticizing a typical [European] Jew, you’re not being anti-Semitic. Judaism, as with Christianity and Islam, are of Arabic origins. If you criticize a Christian or Muslim, are you being anti-Semitic? I guess, only if they are Arabs.

    • arabs are semites, jews are scumites… the only difference between kosher and halal is that… #1 …in kosher slaughter, the rabbi must first féllatiate all the male animals, this has a calming affect… for the rabbi… #2 …in halal slaughter, the imam must lick the anús of the animal… this makes the imam slightly more agitated…

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