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Frenetically Paced TV Shows Like ‘Sponge Bob’ Destroy Children’s Attention Span

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Clues as to why there is a population of young zombies is offered within research published by the journal Pediatrics that indicates that watching fast-paced cartoons like “Sponge Bob Square Pants” even for just a few minutes hinders abstract thinking, short-term memory and impulse control in preschoolers.

The research focused on 4-year-old children. One group watched (((Viacom’s))) Nickelodeon Channel “Sponge Bob Square Pants.” The cartoon was chosen for its frenetic, chaotic pace. It switches scenes every 11 seconds on average. Afterward, the preschoolers were asked to do four different “executive-function” tasks that test cognitive capability and impulse control, such as counting backward, solving puzzles and delaying gratification by waiting to eat a tasty snack until told to do so.

Compared with those who were drawing and those watching PBS (scenes switch every 30 seconds), the “Sponge Bob” kids performed significantly worse on the tasks. Researchers hypothesized that the cause was the fantastical events combined with the rapid pacing of the show. By contrast, the PBS show was slower and exhibited real-life events about a preschool-age boy.

“Sponge Bob” isn’t unique, however. All fast-paced, fantastical kids’ shows are called into question. In addition, the tendency to multi-task on electronic devices reinforces this brain rot as the child gets older. The average kid is plugged into some kind of media — be it the Internet, smart phone, video games or TV — for up to eight hours a day. Many pediatricians and psychologists fear that the rapid oscillating between different stimuli make kids unable to focus, especially when they start juggling listening to music, playing a video game and texting on their cellphone at the tender age of five.

This fits perfectly into the prevailing and widespread cartoon-world mindset and worldview that The New Nationalist (TNN) often references as infecting the population, especially of Americans. This is also the active driving force of what we call “black magic.” The impacted population only uses their lower-reptilian brain and can’t effectively tell the difference between real and surreal fantasy. It also makes them easy to control and to game.

Dr. Dimitri Christakis, director of the center for Child Health, Behavior and Development at Seattle Children’s Hospital said:

“From what we know about children’s neurodevelopment, the early years are truly formative. The concern is that TV is unnatural; it happens at a speed that’s unachievable in the real world. Our brains didn’t evolve to process things that happen at this surreal speed, so it becomes exhausting to kids’ brains.”

Sponge Bob is an absorbent sponge living in the Bikini Bottom. There are seven characters in all who represent the seven deadly sins.

If you’ve never seen “Sponge Bob” — and why would you if you are over the age of 12 — here is a sampling. The program is quite annoying, if you aren’t conditioned to it. There is also a huge amount of subliminal messaging, including sexual innuendos and generally deviant behaviors.

And what’s a little Sponge Bob without throwing in the standard Muslim demonization, Allahu Akbar traumatizing psyops.

There is an antidote for this mind poisoning. Researchers suggested parents “look for other opportunities to exercise kids synapses” via engaging activities, like reading, playing outside and interacting with others. What a novel concept!

3 Comments on Frenetically Paced TV Shows Like ‘Sponge Bob’ Destroy Children’s Attention Span

  1. Any ideas on how irreversible these changes are, and what remedies there are?

    In a similar vein, Molyneux had a great interview on porn ‘addiction’ with Gary Wilson. Definite changes in the brain especially for younger boys who have been exposed to the post 2005 streaming porn. It throws the brain for a loop and they have a much harder time weaning themselves off it.

    • Ideas? Hmm. I’m no authority on the topic, but I would suggest sports. Sadly, you can’t bring back innocence in a child.

    • It’s simple. Just turn the garbage off. They’ll come out of it sooner or later. Take the kids out into the country.

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