US State Dept., US Media Disseminate Debunked Saudi-Manipulated Video Linking Iran to 9/11

New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon at the site of the World Trade Center following the 9/11 attack.
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Federal Judge George B. Daniels of New York

Has anyone else noticed a game is in play to link Iran to 9/11? Only the most dumbed-down persons would fall for this manipulation. Iran was never part of the story line going back to 2001. Now suddenly it is.

The latest game involves Iranian former government official Larijani, who appeared in a TV interview and refuted the claims of a Federal African-American Judge George B. Daniels in New York. Daniels recently ruled Iran is financially responsible for 9/11 to the tune of $6 billion.

The ruling relates to a lawsuit that followed Congress’ 2016 passage of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act. The act allows foreign nations to be held liable for the attacks. The intent of the act, according to reports, was to enable legal action against Saudi Arabia for its involvement in 9/11.

Al Arabiya TV, the state-funded mouthpiece of the Saudi Arabian dictatorship, doctored and edited the video interview with Larijani to make it seem as if the official was admitting responsibility for 9/11 by facilitating the passage of the bogus Al Queda hijackers. Al Arabia also conveniently left the part of the interview in which Larijani states, “Al Qaeda is Iran’s number one enemy.”

The U.S. Department of State’s Arabic-language Twitter account shared Al Arabiya’s manipulated video. This Twitter account is part of the U.S. government’s Global Engagement Center, which (laughably) is “charged with leading the U.S. government’s efforts to counter propaganda and disinformation from international terrorist organizations and foreign countries.”

Next, the U.S. mockingbird media was handed the script and duly reported Al Arabiya’s video as fact:

Adam Kredo of The Free Beacon

Chris Enloe of The Blaze

Mary Kay Linge of The New York Post

Brit Hume of Fox News

The Iranian Mission to the United Nations released a statement debunking the video and “clarify that Saudi state media’s (al-Arabiya) claims about a former MP said that Iran had a role in 9/11 is manufactured.”

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  1. I guess that means the Iranians with their revolutionary technology were behind the “forest fires” in Santa Rosa, too.

  2. I think the Iranians would much rather have taken out Tel Aviv. Ask the question ‘Cui bono’ and you’re more than half-way to identifying the perpetrators.

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