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Nashville Waffle House and Toronto Vanado Events: Wash, Rinse, Repeat of Same Basic Script

A rented van sits on a sidewalk about a mile from where several pedestrians were killed and others injured in northern Toronto, Canada, 23 April 2018. Police took the driver into custody. PHOTO: EPA-EFE/Warren Toda

Before dispensing with the latest staged deceptions, take note that not one video describing the Waffle House event as a deception or fake is up on Youtube. The same is true of examinations of the latest vanado attack in Toronto. The various alternative video sites do have some coverage.

The Waffle House shooter Travis Reinking, 29, is yet another wash, rinse repeat of the pre-crime narrative and agenda. It will reinforce the need for law enforcement to intervene and institutionalize “troubled” people, including those with fringe ideas — in this case, something called “sovereign citizens,” who are some sort of defacto anarchists.

The ever-present Slate and Southern Poverty Law Center are Johnny-on-the-Spot with the particulars on the latest boogeyman. You know gun control is secondary, and precrime measures are primary, as Mr. Reinking’s weapons had already been taken by his father. Thus, the message is, once again, that friends, family and police are in over their heads.

Here is the background on Reinking that compelled him to go butt-naked to a Nashville-area Waffle House at 3:20 a.m. and shot and randomly kill four people he didn’t know and “wound numerous others”:

According to the Tennessean, in May 2016, while Reinking was living in Illinois, authorities responded to a call involving Reinking, who told them he believed Taylor Swift was stalking him. According to CNN, his family also said he had made comments about killing himself. He was taken to a hospital to be evaluated. Then, in June 2017, he threatened someone with an AR-15, drove to a public pool, and exposed himself to people at the pool. Reinking’s father told police at the time he had taken four firearms from his son and locked them away, but when the father decided he wanted to move out of state, he returned them to his son. Police advised the father to lock the guns away again until his son received “mental help.” A month later, Reinking was again arrested, this time by the U.S. Secret Service outside the White House, when Reinking attempted to cross a security barrier near the complex.

As in most of these events, we get the hero, whose intervention insures it wasn’t worse. In this case, one James Shaw Jr., 29, saved the day. He was there “after a frat party.” Twenty-nine is rather old for frats parties, don’t you think? Shaw said the Waffle House restaurant at Bell Road was “crowded” at 2:30 AM, so they went to the one on Murfreesboro two miles away arrriving at 3:20 AM. 50 minutes to drive two miles? Must have been a hell of traffic jam in Antioch, Tennessee in the middle of the night.

Here we are asked to believe Shaw was able to approach the nude 6’4″, 185-pound Reinking and “dislodge and take possession of the AR-15” after a scuffle [start at min. 0:58]. But rather than using the weapon to apprehend Reinking, Shaw “tossed it behind the seating counter.” Next, Shaw “sort of “escorted the unarmed Reinking out the door. Really? What kind of absurd hero script is that?

The butt-naked Reinking was captured the next day, evading the “hapless” police for 34 hours after the shooting. A civilian reported him entering a wooded area close to the Waffle House. Somehow he got suited and booted again as police said Reinking was carrying a backpack with a semiautomatic firearm and ammunition.

The Toronto Vanado Attack

Par for the course, we see reporters reading from a script while nothing is revealed from a helicopter flying over the scene for an hour — supposedly 50 people hit here. This clip from CNN illustrates the nothingness below. There are a few scenes in the final video of CPR and “covered bodies,” but there should be a scramble to get all the injured — and even presumed dead — to emergency rooms. It all looks far too slow-paced.

There are always WTF black-magic moments in these psyops, and a doozy appears in the next clip sequence. Note that as the officer and “Alek Minassian” face off in an incredulous herky-jerky life-or-death showdown, three people suddenly and casually walk by on the sidewalk at minute 12:10. Then we learn at minute 12:24 that Minassian is an “Elliott Rodger” type, frustrated-with- women, celibate wannabe. At 14:30 a neck-beard is brought on to explain how the internet “radicalizes” said involuntary celibates. You can’t make this stuff up.

Update: Oh Those Pesky Nothing to See Here Move Along Details

Crime Syndicate screws up again on important details as photos show alleged Toronto vanado killer Alek Minassian as bald when being arrested, but having a full head hair in two major media courtroom sketches. Source of bald Minassian photo is Toronto Sun. Source of full head of hair Minassin in court is NBC News.



4 Comments on Nashville Waffle House and Toronto Vanado Events: Wash, Rinse, Repeat of Same Basic Script

  1. One of the ‘Travis Reinking’ (‘rein-king’ = ‘pure’ king = white leader?) oddities, is the at-first-published, then-scrubbed, reports regarding Reinking posting on Facebook and linking to a YouTube video his personal confirmation that ‘The Illuminati is Real’ … Link to video and info here:

    Whilst the Samsung TV official corporate website, is offering free online MK-Ultra-type mind-control hypnosis, allegedly ‘So you can forget an enjoyable programme you watched and enjoy it again as if it was your first viewing’ … info and the link to Samsung here:

  2. My 2 cents…That van does not look like it suffered a fresh impact. Usually traces of turnsignals, plastic and lights are dangling. This looks like they were unplugged and removed.No front grill, but that could have been ripped off. No blood on the front hood or bumper, windshield intact?..And the rust on the bumper ends is odd. Does Ryder rent out beaters? License plate is in perfect condition though…

  3. The supposed ‘incel – involuntary celibate’ motivation of both this ‘Alek Minassian’ of Toronto and ‘Elliot Rodger’ of California, ‘mass killing’ incidents, is I think very important

    This issue of young men said to have trouble getting girlfriends, and allegedly exploding in psychological rage and then killing total strangers en masse … are the satanic oligarchs trying to encourage this response to the desperate lack of sexual intimacy in our society?

    The troubles with winning girlfriends, are very real phenomena being expansively documented by young men themselves, who are sharing – sometimes in real time via chat screenshots etc – what works and what doesn’t, to sexually appeal to women … This is actually now the most intensively active area of the ‘alt-right’ web sphere

    Oversimplifying a bit – It seems that the ‘era of sexual freedom’ is ending up with the reality that most women are only sexually enthused by about 20% of men, the ones who have ‘alpha’ attitudes … they might be rich and powerful, or they might be poor but have ‘attitude’, being a bit rough or rude, acting sometimes as if they do not care … 50 Shades of Grey … in an extreme showcase of this, known serial killers and mass rapists etc get significant volumes of love letters arriving at their prisons

    Sometimes women write in confirmation of these things … the ‘bad boys’ are sexually exciting, they say

    The other side is that ‘nice guys finish last’, the ‘beta’ males are dismissed by women as not being so attractive, despite them being ‘respectful to women’ and doing what society officially recommends … a ‘pro-feminist male’ YouTuber allegedly committed suicide, unable to win female intimacy despite all his ‘pro-women’ posturing

    Whilst migrants who break laws, young men who join the far right and act rough, get girlfriends

    The mass of ‘beta’ men are thronging the sexual advice sites, and are finding that the ‘act rough’ techniques – often called verbal ‘game’ – work instantly, and they get sexual bed partners … A woman’s mind is sometimes called a ‘hamster’ which can be easily ‘gamed’, ‘hacked’ ‘manipulated’ … Château Heartiste is an example of a site conveying such information and sexual-game anecdotes, and having many report the success of such techniques

    Where the ‘game’ falls short, however, is that there is no clear answer for keeping a Western female married, given how the governments encourage and support no-shame divorces, where the male must continue to pay for her and her child … leaving the woman free to pursue more dalliances with Mr Alpha, the ‘Beta’ stuck for 20 or more years paying for the woman’s life and adventures

    And it seems that many Western women do wish to seek out Mr Alpha, even if only in brief one-night episodes, instead of staying settled down with Mr ‘nice guy’ Beta

    And an increasing number of Western men are finding happiness with women from south-east Asia, where cultural factors still keep an element of shame in divorce … Media reports in north-west Europe say locals getting married have a 50% divorce rate, marriage between locals and south-east Asians have a divorce rate below 10%

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