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Horror on Streets of Germany: State of Emergency Declared as 80 Men Brawl with MACHETES

Duisburg riot: Around 80 people were involved in the clashes. PHOTO: via

A HORRIFYING street battle between 60 men armed with machetes and metal pipes forcing a state of emergency to be declared in Duisburg.

By Rob Virtue | 29 March 2018

EXPRESS — Police were called to the Altmarkt area of the city over reports of the mass bawl. Officers used CS gas to control the brawling men.

The scores of men were also using telescopic batons in the fight in Druisburg, which is on the west of Germany.

Police said they were spat at and had objects hurled at them.

Around 50 people were arrested and onlookers captured the brutality in shocking photos.

Those arrested refused to explain what sparked the fight and 30 people were later released. […]

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