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Which Confederate Statues Were Removed? A Running List

In 2015, three statues at the University of Texas at Austin that commemorate Confederate leaders were vandalized just hours after the school's president met with student leaders to discuss whether they should be taken down. PHOTO: Longview News-Journal

By Christopher Carbone | 24 December 2017

FOX NEWS — More than 25 cities across the United States have removed or relocated Confederate statues and monuments amid an intense nationwide debate about race and history.

After a “Unite the Right” rally in Virginia in August to protest against the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee resulted in the death of a woman who was demonstrating against white supremacy, other cities have decided to remove Confederate statues.

Many of the controversial mouments were dedicated in the early twentieth century or during the height of the Civil Rights Movement. Discussions are under way about the removal of monuments in Houston, Atlanta, Nashville, Pensacola, Florida, Jacksonville, Florida, Richmond, Virginia, Birmingham, Alabama, and Charlottesville, Virginia.

Here is a running list of all the monuments and statues that have been removed and the cities that have taken them down:

Annapolis, Md.

Under cover of darkness, city workers removed a statue on Aug. 18 of former Supreme Court Justice Roger Taney that had been on the State House’s front lawn for 145 years. Taney authored the Supreme Court’s 1857 Dred Scott decision, which held that African-Americans could not be U.S. citizens. The city’s Republican mayor said through a spokesman that it was removed “as a matter of public safety.” […]

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