Trans Athlete Admits He Has A ‘Size Advantage’ Over Female Competitors

Formerly known as Callum (pictured lifting a man in the air), the 220-lb., 6-foot-2" man now known as Hannah Mouncey was a member of Australia's men's handball team before starting hormone therapy to become a woman in 2015. PHOTO: The Daily Mail/Hannah Mouncey

By Grace Carr | 6 November 2017

THE DAILY CALLER — The Australian Football League (AFL) ruled that transgender athlete Hannah Mouncey won’t be able to compete on the AFL women’s handball team, as was his original goal.

“I feel the game prides itself on being able to be played by anyone … I obviously don’t agree with what the AFL has done,” Mouncey told Peter Stefanovic in a Sunday exclusive, according to

The AFL defended its decision to bar Mouncey from competing with women by citing the Victorian Equal Opportunity Act, which states that officials can prevent athletes from competing if their physique, stamina or strength is relevant and gives them an unfair advantage. […]

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