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‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ No Longer Welcome on NYC Subways

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By Todd Starnes | 10 November 2017

FOX NEWS — Well, it turns out man-spreading is not the most pressing threat facing the New York City subway system after all.

And neither are the trains that break down in the under belly of the city leaving passengers stranded for hours with a continuously playing pan flute ensemble.

Nor is the most pressing issue the muggers or perverts manhandling women or homeless people urinating on seats or giant rats prowling subway stations.

No, ladies and gentlemen – the greatest threat facing the Big Apple’s subway system is train conductors using the words “ladies and gentlemen.”

The New York Post reports the Metropolitan Transit Authority has ordered all subway personnel to refrain from addressing riders as “ladies and gentlemen.”

Instead, staffers have been told they must use gender neutral words like riders, passengers, and everyone according to a memorandum obtained exclusively by the Post.

“Please don’t use any greeting other than these,” the memo reads. […]

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