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Blowback? — Mizzou Enrollment Tumbles To Lowest Since 2008

Gonzaga’s dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Missouri released a statement saying she is ‘confident’ that Click will thrive in her new role. PHOTO: via Daily Mail

By Tyler Durden | 22 September 2017

ZERO HEDGE — Amid ongoing fallout from the negative media attention and student (and faculty) protests that rocked campus in 2015, the University of Missouri recently welcomed its smallest student body since 2008.

As Campus Reform has repeatedly reported, the embattled university has taken hit after hit, starting with a $32 million budget shortfall and a five-percent budget cut, followed by a seven-percent drop in freshmen enrollment heading into last school year.

As some may remember Mizzou hit the headlines after Melissa Click, a journalism professor, won infamy nationwide for her behavior during race-related protests at MU in November 2015. […]

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