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Ultimate Bad Karma Dead Ahead: Hurricanes, Floods, Flares, Quakes and Fires

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In a display of utter negligence, the faux media failed to report that USAF/NOAA is projecting a 25% chance of an X solar-storm flare during the next three days, and there’s a 10% chance of a proton event. There are currently five numbered sunspot regions in play. So far, Google search appears to have relegated the story into their fake or “unimportant” news category.  We shall see. As of this writing, when entering Google search “X solar flare” under news during the last 24 hours, this lone source comes up in results.

In reality, a 25% chance of an X flare and 10% of a proton flare within the time frame of a possible Category 4 or even 5 hurricane making land in populated Florida (following Harvey in Texas) is nothing to scoff at. If your goal was to panic the population of sheeple, you’d give the greater disclosure at the last hour. If a powerful X flare went off, you’d have 12 hours notice.

The problem is that very large portions of the population are operating at the lower-brain reptilian level and are high on drugs and alcohol. In a traumatic situation, these individuals will go deeper into auto-pilot, animal behaviors and responses. The New Nationalist (TNN) highly recommend that as many people as possible — especially in our movement — try to fire up their neocortex ASAP for some critical, conscious thinking.

No, not really intended as satire.

Going into the next weekend, stay completely sober and alert. This is no time for benders or wild parties either. Stay clear of untermensch and lizard brains. Avoid sitting in front of TV or movies during which your brain is switching from Beta waves (brain waves associated with active, logical thought) to primarily trance-like Alpha waves. Alpha waves encourage fantasy thinking. This is no time for Harry Potter, deceptions or subliminal messaging. Your survival might depend on it. Don’t fall prey to a social Darwinism die-off. If the more extreme bad karma is avoided, you can at least look at this as an exercise and a personal or family drill.

You can track storm flares at this NOAA data site. Note the M solar flare late on Sept. 4. The effect of an X flare depends on where the storm hits on the earth’s surface. It could induce electrical fluctuations at ground level that could blow out transformers in power grids. It could impact crucial electronics on board a satellite and disrupt its systems. It could take down cellphone service and GPS controls. It can shut down air traffic. In a major hit, electronic infrastructure could fail outright.

Even without a storm strike from an X flare, the impact of this second hurricane will be national in scale. This would also be an opportune time for a major Crime Syndicate false flag. The industrial infrastructure in Texas from Harvey is now weeks — if not months — away from recovery. Petrochemicals are particularly hard hit.

Overnight, there were intense earthquake swarms in southeastern Idaho, likely related to the Yellowstone caldera. Solar storms can enhance seismic activity. Start at minute 15:40 of the video forecast (I have set there). Dutchsinse has been thinking that a plate could slip somewhere offshore along the Washington-Oregon-Norther California coast.

In Montana, Idaho and Oregon, wildfires burned a million acres, sending smoke all over the west and as far as Illinois, where it is being injected into thunderstorms. Experts say stay inside.

Meanwhile, hurricane Irma’s threat is getting more and more serious, with almost all the tracking models gauging it as Category 4 and heading into the low-lying, populated terrain of South Florida on Sunday morning. Several models, including highest-rank Euro, have it striking Miami and then running northward along the eastern Florida coastline. Reports are that store shelves have already been cleaned out.

Update: There is a second storm brewing in the mid-Atlantic- Jose. This one has the possibility of following Irma along the eastern seaboard in roughly the same track.

11 Comments on Ultimate Bad Karma Dead Ahead: Hurricanes, Floods, Flares, Quakes and Fires

  1. Worrying about the solar flares would require that I believe the sun is av giant ball of gas millions of miles reality this makes no sense because it would take a solar flare so far to travel here that we would never be able to track it…space and spinning balls are not real.

  2. Miserable holiday weekend in No Cal. Thick smoke from fires and 110 F weather. Sure, throw in some solar flares and earthquakes to boot. :-/

  3. Irony — I recently moved from Atlanta to the PNW. Mainly to avoid the Groid. But secondarily, I couldn’t stand the heat and humidity.
    Eastern Washington is seeing the hottest temperatures on record! We haven’t had rain for an unprecedented number of days. Last winter was one of the worst on records.
    One thing I noticed the day we hit the ground in Eastern Washington was the ridiculous Chem Trails — Geo-engineering. Every single friggen day our skies are checker boarded.
    I wonder if ((( their ))) concentration of spraying has anything to do with the majority White populations. ??? Or am I just now paranoid.
    Are these “The Last Days”???
    I sense a Faux Armageddon is on the horizon.

  4. Is there a Cabal anniversary on the calendar somewhere? That’s when they usually plan these things. Someone mentioned the 100th of the Russian October Revolution. Must be more. Looks like a triple whammy: Hurrican Irma, No. Korean nukes, solar flare. Now all we need are the aliens which, I understand, are on their way!

  5. This video shows some anomalous debris in the wake of the California fires. Trees intact but car metal and glass melted.

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