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Solar Storm Triggers Mexico’s 8.4 Earthquake (Updated)

Editor Note: Updates will be forthcoming on this post throughout the next two days.

We at The New Nationalist (TNN) have switched on our reality-driven neocortex and are tracking the multiple storms (including space weatherclosely. It struck us that the mainstream media (MSM), and perhaps NOAA itself, have decided that the public’s attention span is only able to focus on one large threat at a time, that being Hurricane Irma. Irma has dominated the media to such a degree that very few are even aware of this week’s X-flare solar storms. It now seems — and it’s no surprise to us — that they’ve been blindsided.

A solar storm generated by the first X 2 ejection from the sun caused NOAA to issue a G4/severe space-storm alert at 23:50 UTC on Sept. 7. This was a last-minute warning, an observation rather than a forecast. At 06:17 UTC on Sept. 8, they reported a G3/strong storm. Yet, there was no mention of it anywhere (that we could spot) in the MSM lugenpresse. The solar storm shows up as a K8 in the early morning hours on the three-hour bar chart below. So we just went through six and a half hours of a severe solar storm. Systems worldwide are being stressed. Update: next video gives some particulars.

Do the red bars indicate the massive X 9.3 storm? At press time, the “experts” weren’t even saying, leaving us in the dark.

Update 15:00 UTC: No X 9.3 has appeared suggesting that the smaller X2 may have been swept up and merged into the fast moving early arrival X 9.3. More details on impact in this video.

The odds for more X flares is graded at 50% for Sept. 8 and 9. As time progresses the 2673 sun spot is turning away from earth facing. TNN updated our post yesterday at 19:00 UTC and reported that additional M 7.3 and X 1.3 flares went off. Those are also on the way. This was totally ignored in almost all media. UTC is +5 hours EST.

Update at 16:30 UTC: Smaller M-3 came in, but must have had the speed and density to kick in another K8 severe solar storm. Same wallop as the Xs.

As the K8 solar storm hit, an 8.4 mega quake struck offshore in Chiapas, Mexico, at 04:49 UTC. A 3-meter tsunami wave was reported as possible in Central America and southern Mexico. At posting time, 08:20 UTC, there are unclear reports of damage, although it was widely felt.

Update at 08:45 UTC: The worthless Lugenpresse reporting of damage per usual is little more than reading from scripts. However, considerable footage taken off of Twitter that’s now being put together by alert Youtube observers, as seen in second video below.

Update at 4:00 UTC: Fatalities are put at 32 and damage is reported. Given the size of the mega-quake Mexico dodged a bullet. Chiapas is more rural and isolated.

Update at 09:45 UTC: After Mexico’s mega quake, quake tracker Dutchsinse notes that ocean buoys are signalling seismic activity in numerous locations around the main North American plates. These are not tsunami related. It suggests plate displacement. So over the next 48 hours, the plate will be impacted by a confluence of severe solar storms, earthquake aftershocks and large hurricanes. The Cat 4 or 5 hurricane will literally shake the plate seismically when it moves onto land and from the tidal push.

Latest Irma tracking indicates a small shift to the West and a direct hit on southern Florida and Miami area (Cat 4 on Sunday morning). Tide will be 5 to 10 feet higher than normal.

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