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By Tyler Durden | 5 August 2017

ZERO HEDGE — While all eyes have been focused on the incessant rise in the price-weighted farce known as The Dow Jones Industrial Average, a funny thing happened in the ‘real’ market…

The S&P 500 went nowhere… 2474, 2473, 2473, 2470, 2477, 2478, 2475, 2472, 2470, 2476, 2478, 2472, 2477…

How unusual is this? Simple – it’s never, ever (in 90 years of S&P history) happened before… […]

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  1. Just like a casino, the only real winners in our current financial system are the individuals who run it. Those who print money are rich beyond compare, and politicians, with all their perks, are paupers by comparison. The higher up the money chain, the greater is the swindle, and the separation now between those who create wealth by honest toil, practical invention and science, and those who merely cream off fees and percentages by trading in virtual money, is wider than it has ever been. This is an inevitable consequence of a fiat money system, as money is consolidated into the hands of its master manipulators.

    That system is now tumbling towards its collapse, and that collapse is inevitable, if not soon then later. It is an immutable law not just of economics, but of nature, that a system based on untruth will fail.

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