66% of Europeans Unhappy with EU’s Handling of Migrant Crisis

PHOTO: via Westmonster

A huge 91% in Greece unhappy with EU’s disastrous approach

16 June 2016

WESTMONSTER — The vast majority of Europeans disapprove of the European Union’s handling of the ‘refugee issue’, with a two-thirds unhappy with the disastrous open door approach taken by Brussels.

The disapproval is sky-high in areas where migrants have generally landed and gone to, with 91% unhappy in Greece, 81% in Italy and a huge 78% in Sweden which has seen some areas turn into ‘no go’ migrant ghettos.

The level of disapproval once again exposes the complete mess that the EU has made of the migrant crisis. Whilst Angela Merkel and the EU elite refuse to change path, outrage grows right across Europe. This is not a happy EUnion. […]

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