Manchester: The Cartoon World Hoax That Keeps on Giving

I have to hand it to the crew that runs the boogeyman terrorist hoax narratives. They have quite a sense of humor. In fact, I don’t think I could make it through these events without the shits-and-giggles crumbs they throw out there.

Post the Manchester Arena bombing, we are greeted with a TV “news” program that purports to have a surreal video of the suicide bomber Salman Abedi dressed in a hood as he takes his garbage out to the curb. Remarkably, this video was taken (and kept) a year ago by a neighbor. There’s no CCTV video footage of “Salman” setting off his bomb at Manchester Arena foyer, but there’s footage of this. Give me a break.

This may be the same production crew that did the Paris Bataclan event. The following photo from The Daily Mail emerged from Manchester and is on par with the “Andre the Giant” photo from Paris.

Wait, did “Andre the Giant” from the Bataclan’s alley really end up dead on a Paris sidewalk? Actually, the guy in the photo below looks bigger than Andre. Those bollards in Europe are 90 cm.

TNN reported here on the absurd, low-resolution, Photoshop images of  “Salman Abedi.” In the latest iteration, note direction of cartoon-world shadows. “Abedi” is on the right. Somehow, the crew has arranged for the sun to shine on Abedi from the opposite direction than the other fellows. Source of this photo is The Daily Mail (aka The Daily Fail) [see “Billy Madison Ultimate Insult Award Goes to DM].

source: The Daily Mail

Additionally, a new, poorly done, fabricated image of “Abedi” has shown up. The source again is The Daily Mail. Note the familiar neck tendon, but this time on the right. Note aliasing on right side of head. Note the enormous WTF front teeth. Note tilted non-symmetrical angle of nose.

Source: The Daily Mail

Yet another failed attempt by The Daily Mail to Photoshop “Abebi”. Note the hairline — and what’s with the non-symmetrical right ear? Since I don’t get the memos, have no idea what kind of effect the crew is trying to create with the forehead on this one.

source: The Daily Mail

For those who missed it, this is the first freakish image of “Abedi” that various UK publications used, and demonstrates the monster non-human neck effect.

source; The UK Independent

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  1. So someone had been watching him take his trash out for a year because they knew he was going to bomb the concert?

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