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‘Prediction Professor’ (((Alan Lichtman))) Now Claims Trump Will Be Impeached

Allan Lichtman, a liberal professor at American University, a private research college in Washington, D.C., reached meme-status last fall for predicting Donald Trump would win -- and long before anyone else, according to POLITICO. PHOTO: POLITICO/AP

Prediction prof: Trump will be impeached

By Edward-Isaac Dovere | 13 April 2017

POLITICO — The professor who took hell for predicting President Donald Trump has a much longer case for predicting President Mike Pence — and it’s all in his new book, out next week.

Allan Lichtman, a professor at American University, reached meme-status last fall for predicting long before anyone else that Trump would win, using a formula based on the popularity of the party in control of the White House that accurately predicted the eight previous presidential elections. Now Lichtman wants everyone to pay attention to the rest of what came through his crystal ball — that Trump will now be impeached.

The people who paid attention only to the professor’s first prediction include the commander in chief, whom Lichtman says reached out to him during the transition.

“Taking time out of preparing to become the world’s most powerful leader, he wrote me a personal note, saying ‘Professor — Congrats — good call,’” Lichtman writes in “The Case for Impeachment,” an advance copy of which was shared with POLITICO. “What Trump overlooked, however, was my ‘next big prediction’: that, after winning the presidency, he would be impeached.” […]

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