Trump Press Sec. Sean Spicer & Media Conduct Fake Shitstorm as Sabers Rattle

During his first two and a half weeks on the job, Trump press secretary Sean Spicer and his foils, the lugenpresse mainstream media (MSM), have stirred up a shit storm that looks increasingly deliberate and fake. Mostly, Spicer plays into identity and partisan politics [see Torchy’s ‘Merica: #WomensMarch] mixed with the faux left-right Hegelian dialectic. On Youtube nearly every poster’s headline involves Spicer “destroying” one fake MSM reporter after another.

Issues have been reduced to worldwide wrestling tit for tats between narcissistic personalities. It’s not just Trump and Spicer who engage in this. The MSM runs engineered headline after headline embedded with the word “chaos.” This is called “anchoring,” which is the use of irrelevant information as a reference for evaluating or estimating some unknown value or information.

Spicer and the faux media are actors and moles put in place to help grease the skids for Trump to be taken down in a coup d’tat and removal from office. The next video illustrates how you can zero in on the mouth and eyes of the narcissists and psychopaths who are on stage.

It is not just Spicer who demonstrates this. Look at the side by sides in the exchanges between Spicer and the media hacks shown in the next video. It is hard to visualize how any thinking person can take something away from this charade.

While other narcissistic proto-psychopathic hacks run “funny” skits on Spicer on Saturday Night Live, some serious warmongering and saber ratings is going on behind the scenes.

This is standard problem-reaction-solution orchestrated by the Crime Syndicate. By the time Spicer (and Trump) finish with the antics, even today’s Trump supporters will be begging for a change. As The New Nationalist is predicting, the trigger for the Trump-engineered takedown will be below a 30% approval rating accompanied by some major error or blunder that causes a market crash (see;
Divergence Between Dumb And Smart Money Confidence Is Approaching Record Levels. Already, mucky mucks like Mario Draghi are trying to pass the buck for this to foil Trump. You can track Trump approval here. It is currently 44.8%.

At that point, an impeachment is not necessary. According to Section IV of the 25th Amendment, a majority of the president’s cabinet could get together with the vice president and declare the president unfit to serve. Or, Option 2, the vice president can join with a majority of House members and a majority of Senators to declare the president unfit to serve. This could also be done behind the scene whereby Trump resigns.

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  1. So exactly what was the point of it all? Is the endgame just creating enough chaos that we’ll be grateful for whoever takes the reins? Why go through all the machinations to get him in? I realize the Cabal plays both sides, but Hillary was clearly upset by the loss. The MSM was obviously part of the group think to get her elected and they really did look incredibly stupid. Trump will eventually do himself in and I suspect his cabinet is really temporary- 1%ters who will be able to divest at super low capital gains tax rates ahead of the crash but I can’t believe they’d make the Bush/Clinton/Obama crowd take that big a hit if they’re all in it together. It doesn’t add up neatly for me.

  2. Have you checked out lately. Seems Trump is all Koch. No surprise although I’d rather forgotten about them. The Kochs are behind the current Right to Work campaign and are heavily contributing to governors who can effect the change. Henry thinks it’s all a game too and Trump will only be allowed to go so far. Many of his team are apparently Koch connected.

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