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Hollywood Degenerates Attend MOCA Spirit Cooking Gala

On May 14, a large contingent of Hollywood stars and cognoscenti attended what is called the MOCA Gala, a fundraiser for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. From the website here is what the tickets ran.

Update: This event and the photos were taken at MOCA’s Nov. 12, 2011 event. This doesn’t at all change the big picture equation.

After the public fundraising event for peons, there was a private dinner for heavyweight degenerates and reprobates to attend. That would be the $25,000 to $100,000 crowd. Regular readers should quickly recognize the symbology that has emerged since John Podesta’s email leak. Those still on training wheels can learn about it here. The MOCA dinner, as shown in the next two photos, consisted of cheese pizza, noodles and two walnuts.

Here is a representative table “art” display. They are using a live nude “model” and skeleton ensemble.

At one point, none other than Marina Abramovitz of Spirit Cooking fame entered the gala for her cutting ritual. Here are Marina and her sidekick starting at it.

Here the cutting ritual continues to the ohs and ahs of the degenerate crowd. Marina stands on the left as red-dress lady holds up a severed heart.

The next photo shows the remains after dessert has been passed out to the Luciferians. What an extremely strange occult-like scene — obviously a cult of death. This is a real glimpse into the sullen, disassociated “artists” and freaks who make up the entertainment industry. Avoid their influences at all costs.

Hat tip to Alycium Rivera for coming up with the images to this Lucerfian event. If you require more evidence to wake the hell up, his video is below. I weaned myself off this Hollywood-infested influence four years ago, so I don’t know who many of these people are. But you can probably identify some of the celebs involved throughout the video and take appropriate action to steer clear, boycott and condemn them. Anybody with $25,000 to spend on this really needs to have their piggy bank taken away.

I have gone six decades in life without really understanding what the following event and photo was about — that is until recently.

Berlin May 10, 1933: German students and SA burn decadent, degenerate books

12 Comments on Hollywood Degenerates Attend MOCA Spirit Cooking Gala

  1. The President knows ! Fire Jeff marijuana Sessions and get the A.G. that will not arrest hero Julian Assange and grandma smoking pot for cancer, but will execute everyone one of those demons.
    Revelation 11:5

  2. you do realise this is a contemporary art event, contemporary art usually IS all this kind of arty-farty shocking and weird performance art stuff…. if it was any other organisation then yes this would be off the chart but in the context of it being a pretentious arts event this is just par for the course….. and the claims on the dinner???? here is a link to the actual menu
    the “pizza” is fruit nut loaf (no doubt it was some top arty chef employed to do this event) as you can see from the menu the “noodles and 2 walnuts” is also pure fabrication…… i don’t know if pizzagate is real or not but it seems more often than not (as in this case) the “researchers” let their imaginations run wild without actually checking the fact….. can someone tell me how the “cheesy pizza , noodles and 2 walnuts” (and all that implies in light of pizzagate) was verified or didn’t anyone bother or question any of this ridiculousness …… shame on you for putting this nonsense out there …… you guys real don’t help your own cause , you really need to be able to prove stuff , not just making outlandish accusations , if you want the public to take you seriously.

  3. The “elite” are not only satanic in spirit, they physically live out their Satanism via their bodies, imitating their beloved Baphomet: they are all transgendered from birth!!! Here is a website for more information:

    Additionally there are several YouTube authors like Apostle Laura Lee, Jungle Surfer, MrE3000 or Russianvids (at times) covering the tranny topic.
    You cannot expect anything good from such distorted entities, which probably are open doors for and inhabited by demons. And probably this will explain once and for all the insurmountable differences between them and the “useless eaters”.

    • People like MrE3000 or Russianvids are spreading lies. MrE3000 has already started to get shutdown by YouTube for it.

      • It is quite likely that some of these YT channels are limited hangouts / gatekeepers / mixing truth with lies. So you need to be more concrete than that and do your investigation. I think the transgender topic of the elite is true and very big. You can start with Michelle Obama, Amal Clooney, and Melania / Ivana Trump.

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