Zionist Trojan Horse Nicolas Sarkozy Sent In to Hijack Nationalist Backlash in France

Police patrolling the promenade des anglais beach in Nice fine a woman for wearing a burkini. PHOTO: Mirror

By Brandon Martinez | 31 August 2016

NON-ALIGNED MEDIA — Nicolas Sarkozy, France’s former president, is returning to politics in a sinister bid to hijack the populist/nationalist platform of France’s burgeoning right-wing, re-directing it into a kosher Zionist-friendly dead-end.

Delivering a new campaign speech announcing his 2017 run for top office, Sarkozy blasted the ill-effects of mass immigration, vowed to protect French identity by stopping said immigration and promised to crack down on outward displays of Islam, calling for further restrictions on hijabs, burkas and “burkinis”.

I personally wouldn’t oppose such a ban. France imposing certain prohibitions on odd foreign dress is not much different than how some Muslim countries, like Saudi Arabia and Iran, have outlawed many Western “unIslamic” forms of dress. Those two countries and many others in the Middle East enforce a strict Islamic dress code (especially for women, but also men) and have ‘morality police‘ to forcibly impose these rigid norms on disobeying citizens. Saudi Arabia is so extreme with these archaic rules that they even forced a professional soccer player to cut his “unIslamic hairstyle” in the middle of a game. Iran has also banned “homosexual” and “devil worshipping” hair styles. But I would add that if you’re going to ban the Islamic religious clothing, then you’d also have to forbid public displays of Hindu and Sikh headdresses and traditional clothing – such as Turbans, Ghoonghats and Saris – which are just as distinctive as Muslim garb.

Many countries in the world, not just Muslim ones, have mandatory dress codes and proscriptions on certain cultural activities deemed to be an affront to the nation’s traditional values. For example, in South Korea tattooing is illegal and in North Korea there are mandatory hairstyles.

But with that said, Sarkozy’s calculated foray back into French politics is clearly timed to off-set the significant gains the National Front (NF) party has made in recent years. It is symptomatic of the broader phenomenon of Zionist infiltration and subversion of the nationalist backlash against Zionist-led Cultural Marxist agendas and mass immigration policies which threaten to disfigure the ethnic and cultural heritage of Europe.

Let us recall that back in 2008 Sarkozy delivered a shocking speech wherein he implored the French people to embrace miscegenation, calling for “coercive measures” to enforce “racial interbreeding” among citizens. During his reign from 2007 to 2012, Sarkozy made no major attempt to stem the tide of mass immigration. Yet now he presents himself as a populist stalwart who will “save” France from the very cultural and ethnic dissolution that he helped promote when in power.

Remember also that Sarkozy’s France spearheaded the international campaign, involving a coalition of NATO countries, to help rebels overthrow the Gaddafi regime in Libya. Once an ally and “friend” of Gaddafi (who ironically funded Sarkozy’s 2007 election campaign), Sarkozy backstabbed the Libyan leader largely at the urging of Bernard Henry Levi, the fake “philosopher” who proudly admitted that his anti-Gaddafi crusade was undertaken “as a Jew” committed to Israel’s Zionist cause.

Gaddafi even warned of the dire consequences of his ouster, which he said would unleash a tidal wave of unfettered African migration into Europe. Gadaffi, until that time, had studiously enforced agreements with the EU to prevent migration and human trafficking from his territory, acting as a barrier wall hindering African asylum seekers from arriving on European shores. Thus, the current “migrant crisis” is at least partly a consequence of Sarkozy’s war in Libya.

Sarkozy is not a French nationalist – he is a Zionist agent (a former Mossad “Sayan”) who has said the “cause of Israel,” not France, is the “fight of my life.” As such his newest campaign can only be seen as a charade, orchestrated by Jewish interests, to steal the nationalist platform away from less kosher elements on the right. If anything, Sarkozy’s mission is to “manage” and contain nationalist dissent within a Zionist-friendly framework that ensures the key interests of the Jewish oligarchy are upheld, whilst isolating the “bothersome” elements who are outspoken and uncompromising on that issue. Sarkozy will initially tell nationalists what they want to hear only to betray those principles, or water them down, once in power.


However, Sarkozy may not be the only trojan horse operating on the French right-wing. Even the populist-nationalist National Front led by Marine Le Pen has let many people down. The NF under her tutelage has capitulated to Zionist interests and sensitivities in recent years in efforts to “mainstream” the party and win more votes. Marine has disgracefully disavowed her “anti-Semitic” father, NF party founder Jean Marie Le-Pen, and upon her ascent to the party’s leadership unleashed a Stalinist purge of anti-Zionists and “Holocaust deniers”. She has been courting Organized Jewry ever since. A rising star in the party is Marine’s niece Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, who has been an NF MP since 2012. Suspiciously, Marion’s alleged biological father, Roger Auque, worked as a spy for the Israeli Mossad during his career as a journalist.

With this in mind, it seems patriotic French people will have to look for alternative options as the hostile Zionist takeover of the nationalist right wing, now almost absolute across the West, nullifies any hope for genuine change.

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