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There’s Something About Deutsche Bank: You’ve Been Warned

ctx9ysfviaa9riiWhy were Germans told to stockpile food and cash in case of a disaster hitting the country?

Angela Merkel said Deutsche Bank will not be getting a bailout from the European Central Bank, the lender of last resort for European banks.

Tuesday Bundesbank board member Andreas Dombret said in a speech in Vienna, “Political support for the banking sector has to end at last.”

The U.S. Department of Justice recently issued a $14 billion fine to the bank to settle a mortgage-backed securities probe. Merkel also declined to provide help to Deutsche Bank in its legal battle with the DoJ.

All signs point to a bail-in whereby millions of Germans will see their cash confiscated by the government to prop up Deutsche Bank. Is this in part because politics in Germany has swing toward anti-immigration, resulting in Talmudic revenge to punish so-called “Nazis.” There is also a component of feasting on the carcass, and the German Rothchilds-controlled Bundesbank is on board.

Tuesday, DB CoCo bonds (contingent convertible bonds), which would be priority hit to a bail-in, went to a 30% haircut.

source: Wolf Street

Customer bail-ins are not new. The Bank of Cyprus took almost 40% of depositors’ cash to keep the bank afloat. Deposits were frozen and ATM machines were restricted.


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    • Off topic, but checkout what the Corpratists…. I mean Progressives in California are doing.
      It is the Affordable Care Act except for 401k’s. It says you can opt out if you want, for now. I wonder what unfortunate trading firm will be sacked with honorably holding all those people’s money? I’m sure it will be quite the burden filling their coffers, LOL! Jerry Moonbeam says he wants Obama’s successor to carry this to the federal level and that this is going to take the weight off of Social Security (implying they plan to pull the rug out on the SS scam in near future?) and help people retire safely…. yeah right. All American Bail In.

  1. Deep State is going to blow up DB right in front of US election.

    This will be our “October Surprise” — financial markets will tank, VIX to infinity and beyond.

    Trump will be worked into the narrative as bad for the financial markets…”see, told you so.”

    Time will tell if American Sheep are duped….again.

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