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US Treasury Quid Pro Quo Arrangements with Criminal Cabals

The bulging and growing US Treasury debt is no longer supported by foreign central bank. Their holding are effectively flat since 2013.  What then explains the alleged “capital flows” short falls? Answer: they are largely Criminal in Nature:

China and Russia no longer recycles US trade surplus to US Treasuries. And there is evidence Saudi Arabia doesn’t either. And much of the rest don’t correspond or add up.

Therefore in aggregate, this scheme mostly represents ratline money laundering and quid pro quo arrangements with crime syndicates, Wall Street and City of London parasite guildists and global slime balls. They use US Dollar assets because the US system facilitates and aids in their crime operations.

These actors are involved with drugs, human trafficking, arms trafficking, cybercrime, sex slavery, corruption, extortion, death squad murder-by-hire, investor scams, charity and foundation scams, insurance fraud, medical fraud schemes, organ harvesting, Chinese wealth management product crooksthe Zionist/neo-con military, surveillance and police state/security warmongering Mafia, the falsely labeled “Russian Mafia” (in reality Israeli Mafia, see the book Red Mafiya and also), Middle Eastern aristocracy/oil biz/partyboy “princes,” bogus “terrorists” like ISIS, and so on.

This would also include various international deep state operations and DC Belt lobbyist looting arrangements. As I have implied repeatedly in my writings this factor is enormous, powerful and virtually controls Anglo-American-Zionist governments and main stream media. They have a license to steal and loot and support the out-of-control U.S. Treasury as part of its admission price, at least up to this point. US debt is about to go over the $22 trillion debt mark.

One of the rackets also employed in this operation has been front running the Fed’s purchases and playing a massive bond bubble. A criminal “money management” industry facilitates this.


Without the Fed buying and the upticks in prices, there is going to be every incentive for the cabal and global crime syndicates to abandon this vehicle. They have no loyalty whatsoever to the United States or its people.

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