3 Comments on TRUNEWS Investigations: Missing Orlando Massacre 911 Audio

  1. The mystery on this one is over. The FBI/DOJ had them take the archives off their website for that time period (.As Loretta Lynch’em said yesterday all over the MSM, while she did not reference taking the archives, she did say they (FBI/DOJ) will be releasing the transcripts after heavy editing as they do not want certain references Mateem makes to ISIS or Islam put out in the public (probably contradicts the POTUS self-radicalization messaging). Or maybe Mateen speaks of CIA accomplishes or being double crossed — or maybe it’s not even Mateen. The whole thing stinks on ice.

    You can see for yourself at the link below


  2. Questions regarding number of deaths caused by cops now starting to surface in the MSM.

    Initial Orlando cop PR reaction:

    “…those killings are on the shooter, regardless…”
    “…we will investigate all aspects of this shooting, including what role police shooting may have had…” (yeah, OK)
    “…our officers acted with extreme bravery under incredible circumstances….”

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