YouTuber Showcases Shocking Decline of UK

Modernity | Feb. 26, 2024

YouTuber Bald and Bankrupt highlighted the shocking decline of the state of the UK in a number of clips that went viral on X.

In his latest video, Benjamin Rich traveled to numerous different towns and cities around the country to showcase how outside of London, the country appears to be falling into despair and ruin.

While walking around a residential area in the northern town of Horden, Rich came across crumbling houses, many of which were boarded up.

He then noticed how the council, presumably in an effort to make some of the houses look like they were being lived in, had put up fake pictures of windows, curtains and doors in place of the actual thing.


2 Comments on YouTuber Showcases Shocking Decline of UK

  1. Horden and the surrounding former mining villages of Easington Colliery and Blackhall Colliery, has and is, continuing to be flooded with antiwhite immigration. Durham County Council is bringing in sub-Saharan Africans literally by the week

  2. I do not accept anyone, who applauds and approves and enables the predation against the Aryan-descent Whites by everyone else, as a highly virtuous being; I consider him or her to be weaponized by the Technocratic and Communist Malspecter.

    (Thanks, Rebiya Kadeer and Kok Bayraq, for sharing your open letter at the Bitter Winter website.)

    — Elfriede Lentner,

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