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10 Comments on Why is a US Congressman wearing an ISRAELI military uniform?

  1. Answer: Because nearly 1400 innocent people were Slaughtered on October 7, 2023, dumb ass. The only occupation inside Gaza and the West Bank suppressing Palestinians is at the unclean hands of Hamas and the very terrorists they employ to rule over themselves.

    As Golda Meir long ago said, “We can forgive [the Arabs] for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with [the Arabs] when they love their children more than they hate us…”

    While in the Middle East between 1968-1970, a splinter-faction of the PLO tried to kill me (at age 10) and 9 other Americans in August 1969, and they murdered two innocent Muslims, in front of US. One of them was our longtime friend.

    No one, none whom I know want anyone, especially children, to die in any manner. But the PLO and Arafat al-Husseini’s NAZI-Loving Grand Mufti al-Husseini started this murderous conflict in 1941, and they just refuse to stop. Someone has to stand-up and fight against evil, and that would be US Americans. It’s what we do. And, in addition, if many of these illegal aliens sporting their home-country flags (including international terrorists and more) that JOETUS Biden invited to invade our Country since in 2021, continue killing US and mob-beating our Police Officers, yes, I too, will suit-up in my own American Colors, on American Soil to defend every inch of it.

    I applaud this Congressman for wearing His.

    In my now 64 years, I have never, ever met one Palestinian, who did not absolutely hate our United States of America. What they need to do is, go back to Gaza, stand-up to Hamas, destroy Hamas, Hezbollah, and all other extremists, and take back their own territory. And only then will they live in peace. And, likely so, with some Israeli support. It’s just Common Sense 101. But no, they want it all. And they want to Murder and destroy more than they want to correct their own faults and failures.

    • The 1400 has been dropped to 1200, 300 plus were military. It is now likely that the trigger happy IDF killed many of those while employing their Hannibal doctrine. And inquiring minds want to know how did Hamas so easily penetrate the border walls and fences and fortified zones? Have yet to hear a satisfactory answer. The world isn’t at all what you seem to believe.

  2. Why is a US congressman wearing an Israeli uniform? It’s because he’s bought and paid for by Israel and probably because Israel has an Epstein type of file on him.

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