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The Arrival of the Gen-Z Confusexuals

Surprise, surprise, surprise. Generation Z is very, very confused about their gender and sexuality, according to a study by a division of advertising giant J. Walter Thompson. It’s perfectly okay to look like the young man in photo above. The study found 56% of respondents from the so-called “Gen Z” (post-Gen X and Y) said they or someone they know uses gender-neutral pronouns, such as “they,” “them” or “ze.” Ze? Guess I must have missed that word at some point in my travels.

48% of Gen Z describe themselves as “completely heterosexual,” and 6% consider themselves “completely homosexual.” All the rest portray themselves as somewhat bi-sexual. Is this for real or are these kids just trying to be cool for the Cult?

Only 44% among this generation of confusexuals said they always bought clothes designed for their own gender.

Seventy percent of Gen Z confusexuals say gender neutral bathrooms should be provided in public.

Seventy-four percent are more accepting of nontraditional gender identities than they were a year ago. I think this stems from the massive Bruce “Caitlyn” TransJenner hoax [see “Only in a Satanic Cult World“].

Yes, the apparently successful goal is for everyone to conform to a distorted reality that empowers the degenerate, the mentally defective and the ugly. This extends to every nook and cranny of culture and literature.

The degenerate confusexual program being promoted by the sinister reverse-projection now disgraced hate group Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is described in the following video in some detail.

Where are their parents? Where is the adult supervision? Where are the people with cojones? A boycott of degenerate media and walks-outs, as seen recently in Cologne, is long overdue.

Bad Vibes in Cologne Jettison Concert Goers

Cover of Steve Reich’s album ‘WTC 9/11’

A concert-going crowd in Cologne (Koln), Germany, brought to a halt a performance by “virtuoso” Iranian Mahan Esfahani as he played an infamous piece of degenerate “minimalist” music by yet another overrated American Jewish “composer,” Steve Reich.

Philharmonie Köln management said it was “stunned at the unforeseen reaction to Sunday’s concert. We expect artists to be treated with respect.” It insisted that Cologne’s prime concert venue would remain a “forum for cultural diversity.” Is this some kind of sick joke? The value of this music apparently can only be explained by those chosen to appreciate it. I can only imagine how many real composers lose their opportunity over this nonsense.

This is a 1-minute excerpt of Reich’s “composition.” The prospect of carrying this on for nearly 20 minutes would be enough to provoke an uproar anywhere.

7 Comments on The Arrival of the Gen-Z Confusexuals

  1. The word ‘gender’ itself (as far as I’m aware) is a relatively new phenomenon which has origins going back to the earliest cases of children being medically brutalised in order to look like the opposite sex. I won’t use the word ‘gender’ in the context of someone’s sex, the same way I won’t call a man a woman or a woman a man.

    Apologies for the tangent here, but has anyone written or read a good article that explores the use of the letter Z or word ‘zero’? We have generation Z, we have the Zs all over Russian tanks, we have ‘Carbon Zero’, Covid Zero, Ground Zero, etc. The obvious answer is the so-called great reset, but could it be that the great reset is intended to be even greater than we anticipate – such as Malachy’s Prophecy, i.e., End of Times?

    • “The obvious answer is the so-called great reset, but could it be that the great reset is intended to be even greater than we anticipate – such as Malachy’s Prophecy, i.e., End of Times?”
      I find this part of your comment interesting.

      “Gen X”
      “Gen Y” (millenials)
      “Gen Z”
      What comes after “Z”? – Just maybe nothing and no one.

  2. So my kids (I’m a Boomer) are Gen Y (millennials) and their kids are Gen Alpha (born 2011 to today)…Both of my kids were home schooled (therefore, not indoctrinated with garbage) so likely they’ll bring their kids up properly. No GenZ’s here…and I think my daughter (trained to be a manager) will be able to handle these Gen Z folks…she’s done it before with psychologically disturbed teens at a local counseling camp.

  3. There were matriarchal cults before & along side the appearance of Adam & Eve in which the males were devalued & desirous of dressing like women or becoming eunuchs. It seems like, since the French Revolution, that the long term plan for the return of prehistoric, prechristian arcane, occult mystery tradition, in the manner of gyneocracy has resurfaced after centuries of patriarchal Christian tradition. Granted the male liars that be may still pull the strings but their female partners can push back too.

    Their folly will not last- they are the fools who have said in their hearts & out loud ‘there is no God’.

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