The Twitter Files Revelations

The Twitter file release is truly a grab the popcorn moment. We are not surprised in the least to learn about the shadow banning and the suppression. In my case it has been evident that I have been relegated to an echo chamber aka deboosting. Probably the only reason I was allowed to stay on Twitter is I was skeptical of Trump.

It is clear that much more than the election controversy was censored. But the Twitter files confirm that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It appears child grooming was given free reign. Little wonder that the word grooming was banned on Twitter.

But, more interesting is the nature of characters who ran this censorship operation, and in particular the censorship czar one Yoel Roth. After his internal investigation Elon Musk himself has gone scorched earth against this operative.

Journalist Matt Taibbi released new internal Twitter documents suggesting that Roth met weekly with the FBI and allowed the agency to flag election-related content for moderation.

Netizens have looked into the measure of this man- asking the apparent question- how did he get elevated to such a position of power and influence. This has all the look of a turtle on the fencepost classic in-group infestation.

Musk comments on Roth’s Marxist queer theory thesis at Penn. Surely another qualifier to be the Crime Syndicate infestation’s choice for censorship czar at Twitter. His title was head of Trust & Safety. You can’t make this inversion up.

The thesis was about researching bears (homosexual men) and the Grinder sex hookup app. Roth drooled about how friendly he was to the concept and identified himself as an “hirsute” homosexual doctoral student at U Penn. Hirsute is excessive body hair on parts of the body where hair is normally absent or minimal- yes, fascinating descriptive dude.

The dissertation has been pulled from Penn’s repository.

More Yoel Roth cringe.

Then suddenly for no reason whatsoever.

Roth and his flying monkeys routinely carried out directives from the Biden posse.

This sociopath has an open distain and dislike of younger children.

What a strange little man. Who openly tweets about this topic?

Shades of Pizzagate- same crowd? Any Podesta like connections?

Roth in his own words proudly explains who is behind this homosexualization of media.

Another made man turtle on the fencepost who used his position of power to silence anyone who disagreed with his sick twisted world view. The “theory” part is no longer needed for all these conspiracies. Turns out the tinfoil brigade was right all along.


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    • Another fake khazar jew in the long line of pee wee hermans, it’s just another manifestation of the synagogue of satan, all right.

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