French interior minister labels Italy an ‘enemy’ of France after migration row

Remix | Nov. 23, 2022

Following growing tensions between Italy and France over the issue of boat migrants in the Mediterranean, French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin has resorted to extremely harsh rhetoric, referring to the Italian government as “enemies of France.”

Darmanin made the comment in response to a question from a National Rally MP Mathilde Paris during a Q&A session in the French parliament, saying Italy is “attacking France.”

Paris was inquiring why the majority of the migrants aboard the Ocean Viking ship, which France allowed to dock, have been released from the administrative center housing them, despite the minister’s previous assurances that “(they) will not be able to leave the administrative center.” Instead of addressing the question, Darmanin claimed she was an “ally” of the “enemies” of France.


2 Comments on French interior minister labels Italy an ‘enemy’ of France after migration row

  1. If one can step back and generalize, from France to the U.S. That would be like the now resigned Alex Mayorkas,
    saying because Mexico has let so many migrants through, “They, the Government of Mexico is an aggressive enemy of the U.S.” And once pondered, quite frankly, that scenario and reality could be an absolute truth, think about it. They are allowing the invasion of now 6 million invaders to destroy the cultural and financial fabric that is the Un-United States of America. just saying.

    • Yes- demographic warfare is combined with other exotic tactics to abolish nationhood (with emphasis on the former white nations) in favor of the ‘global glob’ ,staffed by subservient browns, without a shot being fired- except by mind altered kidnappees who open fire in strategic public places when triggered by their

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