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Flailing in the face of COVID-19, Israel is now on the brink of catastrophe

The contagion rates, serious case numbers and death toll are dire and worsening. They are not yet exponential, but they will be soon in the absence of a coherent, credible strategy

By David Horovitz | 1 October 2020

THE TIMES OF ISRAEL — Israel is flailing on the very brink of catastrophe.

Having started off so well in its battle against COVID-19, it finds itself in the last few days with a higher death rate per capita than the United States. A higher daily rate of new confirmed cases than just about anywhere else on Earth. A rate of positive tests rising, with some 40 percent of the most recent cases being diagnosed in the ultra-Orthodox community. More than 800 serious cases in our hospitals — the level, we have been told for months, at which the health service would be fully stretched — prompting an emergency directive from Health Ministry Director General Chezy Levy to free up 1,500 more beds in hospitals nationwide for COVID-19 patients.

So often tactically innovative, Israel has been exposed as strategically hapless in this pandemic, hamstrung by its bloated and dysfunctional government, which spends days bickering about regulations that it then changes week to week — toying with a public that is losing its (physical and mental) health, its income and its freedom of movement. Leaks from these cabinet marathons point to endless arguments between ministers, with relentless allegations that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and some of his loyalists have sought to skew decision-making, both to try to focus on restrictions that would thwart the mass demonstrations against him, and to avoid or delay measures that would antagonize the ultra-Orthodox political parties. […]

4 Comments on Flailing in the face of COVID-19, Israel is now on the brink of catastrophe

  1. It’s a holocaust minus the usual burning of course, maybe they can burn the fake dead victims of the COVID cold. I guess IsRAhell needs more money

  2. Regardless of the fact that a Jew (such as David Horowitz, not to mention the rest of the staff at The Times of Israel) can lie to a gentile (that is, Israeli gentiles, Palestinians, and everyone else) according to the abomination called the Talmud, here are more “catastrophic” events in Israel…one, according to the channel One for Israel Ministries, more and more Israelis are converting to belief on Christ–which ought to drive the Talmudists bonkers; two, more and more Palestinians are turning against their (likely Israeli appointed) traitor, Mahmood Abbas; three, more and more awakened Jews there are turning against Likud and even “Blue and White” (Gantz); four, since Israel does not allow 5G (which might be causing all the “covid” spikes in the northeast of England (Gateshead on the Tyne River is a “gate head” of 5G, for one), then those “spikes” could be….hmmmmm…the wrath of God? I mean, they couldn’t even beat Hezbollah in 2006! Sheesh!

  3. This is a total lie. Netanyahu is doing all he can to stop demos against him. Scare tactics.

    The word “case” has lost its original meaning. It used to mean someone with symptoms. But with their inappropriate PCR test, they can find strands of Ebola if they amplify enough times.

    Science has been discarded – just like for 9/11. The sheeple prefer the BS.

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