Serious Epidemic Of 30,000 Bicycle Thefts Rock Migrant-Rich Belgium

Belgian Mobility Minister Ben Weyts (centre) was en route to a cycling event when his own bike was taken. PHOTO: Independent/AFP/Getty

30 October 2019

CHRISTIANS FOR TRUTH — Police reports of bicycle thefts in the Brussels Region have reached epidemic proportions over the last ten years during which the city has been flooded with Third World migrants, despite decreasing in the rest of Belgium:

In 2018, 3,719 reports of bicycle theft in Brussels were filed with the police. Ten years earlier, in 2008, ‘only’ 1,500 bicycles were reported stolen in the same Region.

“Bicycles have a different place in the mobility landscape compared to ten years ago,” said Olivier Slosse, who is responsible for an internal work-group concerning bicycle theft in the Brussels-Capital-Ixelles police zone, to The Brussels Times. “Sometimes a bike is people’s only means of transport, especially in the city, meaning cyclists invest far more money in them than they used to, which in turn increases their value,” Slosse added.

The figures “only concerns the reported thefts. The phenomenon is actually more serious,” according to several cycling associations, reports RTBF.

The figures never show the complete reality of the situation. Not everyone reports their stolen bicycle to the police, and if they do, they do not always do so in the police zone the bike has been stolen in,” said Ilse Van De Keere, the spokesperson for the police zone Brussels-Capital-Ixelles to The Brussels Times. […]

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