VIDEO: [White] Couple Brutally Beaten by [Black] Teens Outside Home

25 July 2019

FOX NEWS — While taking out their trash, a husband and wife were brutally attacked outside their California home by a group of teenagers.

Now police are releasing surveillance video of the assault, hoping someone can help them identify some of the suspects.

Surviellance video from Sunday night shows the attack on Henry Long Boulevard in Stockton’s Weston Ranch neighborhood.

Neighbor Patrick Varvell said, “As you look at that video you can see a group of males and females attack our victims.” […]

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  1. If I ever see just ONE person, not to mention a whole mob of punk-ass people, kick or stomp someone ONE TIME in the head, I will SHOOT the asshole(s) off the person being kicked/stomped. I consider that to be attempted murder and I will respond with deadly force.

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