Recreational Drug Use Surges Worldwide, UN Study Reports

By Alex Tanzi | 29 June 2019

YAHOO (BLOOMBERG) — Some 271 million people globally, or more than one in 20 of the population aged 15 to 64, used recreational drugs in 2017, according to newly released data from the United Nations World Drug Report. That’s a 30% increase from 2009.

The use of cannabis, cocaine, amphetamines and prescription stimulants are at post-recession highs in the U.S., the study said. And although the use of prescription opioids has dipped recently, the number of overdoses has increased. More than 47,000 deaths were recorded there in 2017, many of them attributed to synthetic opioids such as fentanyl.

The most popular drug globally continues to be cannabis, with an estimated 188 million people having used it in 2017, according to the study. Cannabis usage is most prevalent in North America, where there are an estimated 56.6 million users, followed by Asia with 54.2 million. […]

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  1. In an insane world, a world which is filled with great evils and abuses, people tend to need an escape mechanism from the pressure cooker that has become their life. The above is just a symptom of a sick society, not the cause of it. Immorality; self-love syndrome; abusive governments; ever shittier jobs with longer hours, lower wages, and decreasing benefits; unending sense of hopelessness; unrelenting ever-more-evil agendas being shoved down peoples throats(i.e. rabid Marxism); combined with the ever present deluge of “fear porn” that emanates from the tell-LIE-vision on an hourly basis. These and many more factors make up the toxic soup the human mind must deal with constantly.

    Is it any wonder people “roll another one, just like the other one”?

    • No, it’s no wonder. But there are times one has to struggle and fight to survive and times to relax and party. Partying during times of great struggle becomes a downward spiral of pain both economically and culturally. And that’s what’s so hard about it — because that’s precisely when people feel they need an escape hatch. But it’s not an escape. In fact, it can quickly become a prison of one’s own making. During The Depression, there was the realization that people would abuse alcohol because things were so shitty. So they instituted prohibition — because back then, government actually cared about society and fellow man. Now, left wing governments just want to make everyone wards of the state — absolute dependency. It’s really quite evil.

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