Scam Coin? Single Address Behind 50% of Bitcoin Cash Transactions


By Tyler Durden | 8 May 2019

ZERO HEDGE — Twitter user (@IamNomad) revealed that a single crypto address has been responsible for at least 50% of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) transactions in the last 28 days, reported Cointelegraph.

BCH address qqrxa0h9jqnc7v4wmj9ysetsp3y7w9l36u8gnnjulq first receive BCH on April 4 and has since made 598,435 transactions. This accounts for 50% of the total 1.17 million transactions made on the Bitcoin Cash in the last three weeks.

The balance of the account (as of Monday 6 pm) currently stands at 4.29812196 BCH ($1,231.63) and has received 81.21829627 BCH ($23,273.10) during this period. […]

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