Rick ‘Get In’ Singer: ‘Elite’ University Admission Edge Gamer For Hire

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What the Singer college scandal illustrates more than anything is the depths that some will go to to keep up with the Cohens in a full-blown kakistocracy. Although there is a certain schadenfreude in watching Lugenpresse like the Daily Mail (aka Daily Fail) listing in disgrace these social-climber parents in perp-walk fashion one by one, upon further reflection it should also give us some pause.

In the list of high crimes in our society, cheating to get an edge or benefit for one’s children seems relatively low on the list. It’s not that we’re sympathetic, but we’re not so sure the parents and students are where the main focus should be.

William “Rick” Singer is singing like a canary for the prosecutors. He is the proprietor of an outfit called Edge College & Career Network, also known as The Key, a for-profit college counseling and preparation company. I was a competitive basketball player back in the day, and we commonly used the term “edge” to mean cheating or gaming others to get an advantage.

For example, during one winter away-game, a home-team edge gamer turned off the heat in our visiting team’s locker room. In today’s world compared to back then, edge behavior is all I see. There’s little honor. So the name of Edge College & Career Network for “Coach” Singer’s firm couldn’t be more apropos.

According to Edge’s website, Singer’s business involved helping students and their families “alleviate the anxiety of getting into college.” Singer claims he “has seen first hand the stress that the college admissions and athletics recruiting process can put on a family.” Awe, what a nice guy.

Singer’s enterprise raked in more than $25 million in bribes and payoffs between 2011 and 2018. Steven Masera, 69, the accountant and financial officer for Edge and its bribery money laundering subsidiary, The Key Worldwide Foundation (KFW), was also indicted, according to court documents.

Masera and Mark Riddell, a private school counselor in Bradenton, Florida, allegedly worked closely with Singer in the scam, according to the indictment. Test administrators Niki Williams, 44, of Houston and Igor Dvorskiy, 52, of Sherman Oaks, California, helped carry out the scam, the indictment alleges.

“The only way the scheme could work was if I could control the proctor and the site coordinator [of an SAT exam],”  Singer said in court.

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Schools involved included Yale, Stanford, Georgetown, University of Texas, UCLA, Wake Forest and the University of Southern California.

Singer didn’t start off as edge gamer. It appears his first college counseling business was legit.

INSIDER: In 2004, Singer reportedly started The College Source with private investment money and board backing from an impressive higher-education network, including “the president emeritus of Stanford and the director of the Carnegie Foundation.” …

Singer started The Key three years later in 2007, according to court filings.

We will largely refrain from naming the disgraced parents and their children in our exercise. The mainstream media is doing plenty of shaming of them. We find their look-over-here perp-walk focus more than a bit suspicious. And, in reality, this is business as usual and systemic. Rather, we’ll focus on the real culprits in this scam, who the media are playing down.

The people who were really scammed were the parents, given the size of their fees paid. The fact that students of greater merit are beaten out by the edge players is so common and normal in a kakistocracy that it hardly seems worth mentioning.

We are struck, however, by how white and goyish those disgraced by the media are. Is this part of the optics? Today, children of the white rich are commonly rejected from Ivy League universities even when they can show a glowing academic record. This is because top universities are increasingly opting for “diversity” over meritocracy. In other words, they’re giving preference to the super rich, Jews, blacks and Asians.

An insightful article in The Unz Review illustrates the issue:

While you queue at the front door of the Elites, they [Jewish kids] enter freely by the back door. Chances of a smart non-Jewish “white” American kid getting there are ten-fold lower than that of a Jew. There are ten times more smart non-Jewish white American kids than smart Jewish kids, but there are more Jewish students in the Ivy League than white non-Jews. The system is biased, and not in your favour.

NOTE: Jews make up 4% of the population. CHART SOURCE: The Unz Review

Justice Department’s court filings in a lawsuit on Harvard’s admission practices recently revealed that the college maintains a secret list of applicants who are the relatives of major donors. Students on the donor list have a 42 percent acceptance rate. Harvard overall accepted 4.6 percent of students in 2018.

The parents that paid Singer to get their kids into college are wealthy but they’re not among the wealthy elite. They don’t have “donate a building” money. A large number of them are merely rich white kids, or goy, if you will. They don’t get a golden “diversity” ticket. Given the high level of enrollment of Jews at Ivy League universities, is it any wonder that these goy parents would turn to a Jew* to get their precious child in the side door along with the mediocre Jewish kids?

*NOTE: We cannot provide irrefutable evidence that Singer is Jewish. He looks Jewish. He has a Jewish last name. The crimes are about connections. So if it walks and talks like a duck … well, you know the rest.

Operative Allan Dershowitz, a fellow tribe member, chimed in on the Singer scandal with revealing and insightful observations:

“This is the worst scandal involving elite universities in the history of the United States. This is really one of the great scandals of the 21st Century. Having said that, I just think it’s just the tip of the iceberg. [Or is it the tip of the Weisberg?]

“Remember this doesn’t involve the super, super rich. The super, super rich buy buildings for the university. They donate hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars,” Dershowitz told host Melissa Francis. “They don’t have to worry about their kids getting in. This involves the very rich, the people who can’t quite afford to give a building but can afford to spend 5 or 6 million dollars.”

And reflect for moment on what it means if you have the means but do not play this edge game? In a kakistocracy, you lose. And, of course, it corrupts the programs, such as the sports coaches involved.

Let’s examine some of the crimes. Since we are less interested in parent perp walks, we will leave the names out. These are extracts from news stories.

Madam X and her husband “agreed to pay bribes [fees] totaling $500,000 in exchange for having their two daughters designated as recruits to the USC crew team.”

It should be noted that the media keep using the term “bribe” to describe the parents’ payment to Singer. Really what the parents paid to Singer was a fee. It was Singer that used his fee to bribe college staff and exam proctors.

“According to the affidavit, the Couple Y conspired to bribe the head tennis coach at Georgetown University to designate their older daughter as a tennis recruit in order to facilitate her admission to the university.”

“Mrs. K used the scheme to get both her daughter into Georgetown and her son into USC by pretending the former was a tennis player and the latter was a pole vaulter. A family foundation on which Mrs. K and her spouse serve as officers, issued three checks totaling $275,000 to KWF (William “Rick Singer) to get her daughter into Georgetown with the help of a tennis coach. Mrs. K’s daughter enrolled at the university in 2013 and graduated in 2017. She was not a member of the tennis team during any of her four years.”

“In the fall of 2015, the H family paid Singer $25,000 to have someone proctor their daughter’s SAT exam and correct her answers. The fixer told investigators that he sat next to the daughter during the exam and gave her answers.”

The A family, who have homes in New York City and Aspen, Colorado, allegedly paid a total of $125,000 to have someone take the ACT and SAT exams for their daughter so she could gain entrance to Duke University. The ACT exam was proctored by a fixer identified in court documents as Cooperating Witness 2, who corrected her answers after she finished, prosecutors say. She received a score of 35 out of 36 on that exam.

And this litany goes on against 33 parents, who were charged as part of the scheme, authorities said. The group involved included “CEOs … successful securities and real estate investors, two well-known actresses, a famous fashion designer and a co-chairman of a global law firm.” This, in turn, will keep the high-paid lawyers gainfully employed for some time.

But then details of the case reveal that high priced lawyers in a kakistocracy are ignorant of ethics. One Mr. C is the co-chairman of an international New York-based law firm. He’s charged with paying $75,000 to have Singer arrange for a test proctor to change the answers to his daughter’s ACT test.

Incredibly. Mr. C, the allegedly high priced lawyer, was recorded with this gem:

“Keep in mind I am a lawyer. So I’m sort of rules oriented. Doing this with you, no way — she’s taking the test. It’s her taking the test, right?  There’s no way … any trouble comes out of this, nothing like that?” he asked.

The Mr. C case illustrates how elaborate the edge-game arrangement could be. In the wiretapped conversation, Singer told Mr. C to get his daughter tested by a psychologist and to tell her “to be stupid” so that she could be diagnosed with a learning disability and get extra time to take the test. Singer then arranged for the daughter to fly to West Hollywood, California, to take the test, because he had a proctor there who would be in on the scheme.

In another case, the parent told Singer that their child was to know absolutely nothing about the scheming Singer was going to do to ensure entrance into an ivy league college. Singer simply asked the parent, “What sort of SAT score do you want them to have?” and quoted his price to make it happen. Can you imagine the horror of that student’s realization today?

The collection of college test administrators and sports coaches includes Gordie Ernst, who was the personal tennis instructor for Michelle Obama and her daughters when they lived in the White House.

The New York Times (aka New York Slimes) reports that the charges include tax fraud conspiracy beginning around 2013. Singer allegedly agreed with certain clients to disguise bribe payments as charitable contributions to the KWF, thereby enabling clients to deduct the bribes from their federal income taxes. Singer used a portion of that money to bribe university athletic coaches to designate the children as student athletes. Thereafter, Masera or another KWF employee mailed letters from the KWF to the clients expressing thanks for their purported charitable contributions.

The letter stated: “Your generosity will allow us to move forward with our plans to provide educational and self-enrichment programs to disadvantaged youth,” and falsely indicated that “no good or services were exchanged” for the donations. Many clients then filed personal tax returns that falsely reported the payment to the KWF as charitable donations.

Singer spoke of arranging for students to take their SAT or ACT exams at sites in Houston or Los Angeles, hub sites where he had bribed test administrators. The students thought they were taking the tests legitimately, he said, but his proctor would correct some of their answers afterward to make their scores come out exactly how Mr. Singer wanted.

He bribed college coaches, he said, to falsely certify that students had been recruited for the school’s sports teams. Prosecutors said he also falsified ethnicities and other biographical details in some cases, to take advantage of affirmative action.

Screenshot of court documents from the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts. College admissions case.

Winter Watch Takeaway: The largest question not answered is just who was managing the hen house at the admission departments at the universities involved? Were admission officers paid off? And who was vetting Mr. Singer during his long duration criminal operations?

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  1. God I hope this brings some shit down on the ivory towers and heads start rolling. I have zero intentions of sending my son and future children to any form of state/kakistocracy re-education camp. Maybe the NZ killings was a re-direct to get the media off of the ‘chosenite’ scam story.

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